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R1b-FGC14605 Jewish

The Shapiro/Spira Rabbinical Line aka Y11410
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About us

Family Tree DNA considers 24 generations to be the"genealogical time frame", and they also report that your match list is composed of matches withinthis time frame.  Since most non JewishEuropeans had surnames by this time, we believe that a SNP (change in your genetic code) that occurred around this time or even slightly earlier can serve in lieu of a  surname because it is your genetic signature.    So we chose the FGC14605 as the name for this project because it occurred slightly earlier than the 11th century and we expect all eligible members to be positive for this SNP.  The FGC14605 SNP is no longer included on the Family Tree DNA SNP panel.  Instead they now use an alternate SNP at the same level called FGC14595.  In the future we may change our name to avoid confusion.  Bt rest assured, if you are positive for FGC14595, you belong in this project!

Your administrator has been the administrator of the Jews of Frankfurt DNA Project for about six years and has been an genealogist for twenty five. She has co-authored three article that relate to her research in genetic genealogy, the latest being quite pertinent to this project.  A copy of this article can be downloaded from her Jews of Frankfurt website.