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People with different haplogroups are not related. Of 12 marker results, we have 10 unique haplotype strings. Thirteen (13) of the testees are in one string. This is the group referred to as "BC" for Bishops Canning. The other multiple 12-marker haplotype strings are the "Osceola" string (2 members) and the "Coonrod" string (2 members). I1a-subset, Norway I1b-subset if -Eastern Europe,Balkans,etc The Haplogroup I, I1, and I1a lineages are nearly completely restricted to northwestern Europe. These would most likely have been common within Viking populations. One lineage of this group extends down into central Europe. Source: FamilyTreeDNA: If DYS19 = 14 and DYS392 = 11 then you are likely haplogroup I1a Source Ken Nordtvedt If I1a with ancestry in the British Isles and 22 at DYS390 then more likely Saxon origin. If I1a and 23 at DYS390 then more likely Norse origin Source Ken Nordtvedt RIB Indo-Eurpopean, Keltic (Celtic), Germanic. Since the majority of men of European descent belong to R1b, this group has the highest risk of so called "accidental" matches - matches due to an accidental convergence of long separated R1b lines, rather than due to recent kinship. Most different surname matches among R1b's are probably of this variety. *** #N12050-I1a-Don H. Pyle-no information *** #6884:I1a- Frank-Researching the Bishops Canning line. John Pyle b. 1564, Overton, Wiltshire John Pyle b. 1594, Bishops Cannings, Wiltshire Nicholas Pyle, b. 1625, Bishops Cannings, Wiltshire Robert Pyle, b. 1660, Stanton St. Bernard, Wiltshire John Pyle, b. 1687,Concord Twp. Delaware County, PA Caleb Pyle, b. 1741, Concord Twp. Delaware County, PA Aaron Pyle b. Mar 10, 1787 Thornbury Twp, Delaware County Pa Reece Pyle b. Jun 15, 1820 Thornbury Twp, Delaware County Pa George A. Pyle b. May 19, 1846 Thornbury Twp, Delaware County Pa Frank J. Pyle b. Dec 1875 Wilmington DE? Or Phila, Pa? Byron B. Pyle b. Apr 13, 1905, Wilmington DE or Phila PA *** #5364:I1a- Mike-Earliest known ancestor: Joshua Pyle, 1822 West Chester Co. PA *** #5369:I1a Tested- Richard-Earliest documented ancestor: Nathan Piles/Pyle, b. ca 1775, probably PA. Married 1801 Barbary BOOHER, Harrison Co. VA (now WV); John "Jack", b. 1813 d.1881,Marion Co.,WV. 3rd wife Anna M.WATKINS Zachary Taylor, b. 1877 d.1957,Harrison Co.,WV> Carl b. 1911,Pittsburgh,Allegheny Co.,Pa d.1998,Lancaster Co.,PA: Richard, b. 1939,Johnstown,Cambria, PA. d. 2004, Dallas, TX. *** #6919:I1a, Wally-Earliest known ancestor: John Pyles m. Johanna SWANN>Eli Pyles 1815 Greene Co.PA>Oliver Jackson Pyles 1839,Marshall Co.WV>Eli, Mason Co.WV. *** #58962-I1a-Tested- Robert B. Pyle: According to Robert's data he is descended from Robert Pyle who came from Wiltshire, England in 1688 to Pennsylvania and was a Quaker. Line Goes: Emery (1916) Harry (1883) Franklin (1857) Enoch (1807) Robert (1761) Robert (1730) Daniel (1694) Robert (1660) Nicholas (1625) John (1594) John (ca. 1564) *** #83055-I1a-Tested, Joe of N.Y.provides the following: John (1594-1652) Nicholas (1625-1691) Robert (1660-1730) - Emigrant from Bishops Cannings Jacob (1691-1717) Samuel (ca. 1713-1765) Jacob (ca. 1746-1814) Jacob (ca. 1777-1845/6) (Likely father of William, but not known for sure) William (1804-1874) John (1841-1894) Even if Jacob (ca. 1777) is not William's father, I am most likely descended from John Pyle of B.C., through one of Nicholas Pyle's sons Robert, Nicholas, or Ralph, that settled in Chester County, PA. #94510-Tom-line goes Thomas Shaw Pyle (1875-1970)--> David Franklin Pyle (1835-1923)--> William Pyle (1804-1874) is identical to Joe (#83055). Tom's great grandfather and Joe's 3x-great grandfather were brothers. #5368:I1a, Joe-Earliest documented ancestor: Samuel Pyle, b.1760 SC, d. 1831>Henry Co.GA>descendants in Texas. #74599 I1a,-Kelly- is a 12 marker match to others listed above so upgraded to 37 markers. 25 markers shows matches with 5368,5369,6884 and 6919. 37 markers relate to 5368 and 5369 Documentation indicates this is a descendant of Edward DeGusta Pyle, son of Mary Ann WESTBROOK and possibly of Nicholas Pyle. #82300-I1a,Chip- The most distant is Samuel Pyle,b 1750/70 poss. in South Carolina,Abraham died bet 1830/32 in Oglethorpe, Henry county Ga. I have a valid and continous history from this point forward. It begins in Ga. through ala, to Texas. Ben Pyle, Kit #95683, Bishop Canning Line. John, 1594>Nicholas, 1625-1691>Nicholas, b 1666, Wilts, d. 1716, Kennet Square, Chester Co. PA. >Dr. Samuel, b. 21 Dec. 1700, Kennett Sq.,d. 1749, Chester Co.PA>Dr.John,b.1723,d1804 NC>Samuel,.1758,Orange Co.,NC,d.1831,Henry Co.,GA>James B.,B1804,Newton Co.GA,d1866 DeSoto Parish,LA>Daniel Lafayette,b.1848,LA,d. 1906 Trinity co.,TX. **** #75683-I1a-G.S. Pyle- From Unionville,Pa. My line is my father Robert,George,George p o., Edmund, Newlin,Issac,Isaac,Joseph,Robert,Nicholas,John,and John born 1564 in Wiltshire. #N18040-I1a-Tom A. Pyle. Malvern, PA- Descended from Thomas Norman Pyle, b. ca 1875. T.N.'s father may be Francis M. Pyle, b. ca. 1837 ***** #5912:I1a- Gary-Earliest known ancestor: Richard Pile 1610 ? Ashe, Hampshire; Francis Pile, 1640,Ashe Richard 1674, Turo, Cornwall and Pr.GeorgeCo.MD William1701,PGC William ,1729,PGC William,1775,PGC and Breckinridge Co.KY, Henry Gant 1803; Christopher 1840; Ova 1896. *********** #28200 Jeff (37 markers) Traces ancestry back to John Pile/Pyle (b. ca 1500) of Over Wallop, Hampshire. GD of 2 from 25-marker BC Modal, suggesting linkage between B.C. and Wallops lines. G.D. of 1 from #6919 and 2 from #5912, all three of whom share DYS 437 = 17. 28200, 5912, and 6919 are the only three in the group that share this allele; the rest of the group has DYS437 = 16 (I1a) or 15 (R1b). *********** Pyle family line with DYS 389(1,2) = 12, 28; DYS447 = 21 #13451-I1a-Ron- believe that I am a descendent of Richard Piles and would like to see if this is true. My earliest documented ancestor is Robert Pyle born in Virginia in 1800. 1. William Pyle 1775-1859+Mary Jones 1778-1859 2. Robert Pyle 1800-1865+Martha Malone 1802-1865 3. William Pyle 1824-1890+Mary Mack 1830-1919 4. Grant S.Pyle Sr. 1864-1954+Susan Roche 1865-1938 5. Grant S. Pyle Jr. 1900-1990+Bernice E. Doody 1915-1989 - Grant S. Pyle Jr.'s brothers: 5. William Roy Pyle 1884- 5. John Delbert Pyle 1886-1955 5. Ralph E. Pyle 1894-1936 6. Ronald John Pyle 1936-2004 #104543-Nick- A descendant of John Ingraham Pyle, b. 1805, in western VA (now WVA). To date, this is an "orphan" line. HOWEVER...recent (12/14/07)results show Nick's father matches Ron 12/12, 24/25, and 35/37, suggesting William Pyle (b. 1775) and John Ingraham Pyle are of the same line. Their MRCA may be several generations back, but 35/37 strongly suggests that they have a MRCA within "genealogical" time, and are thus of the same Pyle line. ****************** On 25 markers- No matches. #82194-I1a-Tested-Bill (W.L.) Pyle line back to 1840, Henry Pyle in Lawrence County, New Castle, Pa. He is in the 1860 census. His wifes' name was Ginter. Before 1840 , Lawrence county was part of Beaver County. ****** 12 marker match: #5594:I1b R.Researching for proof of link to Francis Piles. Upgraded to 25 markers. A descendant of Osceola. and #69543,I1b Haplo, matches 5594, above. Richard is a descendant of John Vinton Pyles, a brother of Osceola. The paper trail indicates a common ancestor for these two. **** #5334:R1b1c- 12 markers Robert,needs to upgrade. Researching descent from Francis Piles,b1660,d.1727 Pr.Geo,MD John Piles /Mary Hunter John Hunter Piles/Jemima Moxley Hunter Thomas Piles/Christina Fortney Thomas Piles/Mariah Riley Kelso Pyles/Martha Stone Calvin Pyles/Edith Shay Robert Pyles/Elizabeth Waggoner Kit 81931: R1b1c-F. Pyles; Researching descent from Francis. No matches. No further testing will be needed, it is the Western Atlantic Modal Haplotype **** COONROD RIb1 The two following show linkage up to 25 markers. Kit #31495-Jack has documented his line as follows: Earliest documented ancestor: Henderson Pile/Pyle, born Nov. 21, 1819 in Fentress Co., TN., m. Dorothea Westbrooks, Petersburg, VA., Jan. 21, 1840, place unknown,>Mathew, 1848 WI, Henry, 1871 IA>OR. #7139-Stephen-line is traceable back to Conrad/Coonrod Pile of Tennessee (1766-1849), but the path gets murky prior to that. #144398 - Michael Evans. Biological father Robert Howard(?) Pyle, b. ca. 1917 (IA?). a 12/12 match to #31495 and #7139, so very likely his father is descended form the Coonrod line. An upgrade to 25 or 37 markers would help clinch the case for this hypothesis. ******************** #95790, K.G. Pyle. A descendant of Ralph Pyle (1669/70-1741), youngest of the three "immgrant sons" of Nicholas and Edith Pyle: Harry Elmer (1893) Joseph Harmon (1853) Isaac Chad (1815) Harmon J (1790) Isaac (1764) Ralph (1727)-Emigrant to Harford Co. MD William Pyle/Pile (1700) Ralph Pyle/Pile (1669/70) Nicholas (1625) John (1594) John (1564) ************ #98006, Bill. Also a descendant of Ralph Pyle (1669/70-1741), youngest of the three "immgrant sons" of Nicholas and Edith Pyle: 1st cousin to Kenneth (#95790). Line goes: William Toy (1907) Joseph Harmon (1853) Isaac Chad (1815) Harmon J (1790) Isaac (1764) Ralph (1727)-Emigrant to Harford Co. MD William Pyle/Pile (1700) Ralph Pyle/Pile (1669/70) Nicholas (1625) John (1594) John (1564) ************ ******** RICHARD PILE Kit #106730-Bob Pile,I1a FRANCIS Kit #108436-Dave Pyles-In testing David Harry Pyles 8/30/1924 - 2/18/1978 (Barbara King) Harry Harrison Pyles 1/23/1893 - 7/4/1976 (Flossie Eddy) Eliza Warren Pyles 6/6/1869 - 1918 (Anna Tennant) Joseph H Pyles 10/3/1820 - 5/8/1880 (Elizabeth Sine) John Pyles 1795 - 2/5/1874 (Elizabeth Haught) Zachariah Pyles 7/15/1758 - 11/15/1840 (Rachel Wright) James Pyles 1730 - 1778 (Lydia Owens) James Pyles 1688 - 1746 (Mary Bramel) Francis Pyles 1660? - 4/24/1727 Circumstantial evidence but unproven JOHN Pyle (and Mary MAXWELL) Kit Number: 108615-J.L. Pyle,I1a #111232-Donald Pyles-Conradus 1742 #115083-R.R. Skidmore(Pyles)-Samuel J. Pyles 1826-1890 ,MO Winfrey Willard White (Pyles) b. 1893,DeKalb Co.,MO Russell R. White (Skidmore) Pyles,b.1916. Kit #116660-Tom, another possible Francis descendant. Joshua, b. 1790Pa, d. 1873 Washington Co.PA Thomas H. Pyles, b. ca 1822, PA, d. 11/1903, Claysville, Guernsey Co.,OH John Joseph Pyles, b. ca 1854, d. 12/22/1941, Guernsey Co.OH John Thomas Pyles, b. 1/3/1881, Cambridge, OH, d. 1965 Thomas Wilford Pyle, b 2/27/06, Cambridge,OH, d. 6/29/1948, Chicago,IL Casper PFEIL Line, Germany 1744. Bill D. Pyle- results match the Hampshire Pyle line according to testing. Kit Number: 127994, Earliest proven: Michael PYLES, b. ca 1814, d. 4 Apr. 1880; + Martha BURLEY Bernard Alexander Charles Pyles, 5 Apr1839, W.VA, +Mary Ann REED, d.4 Jan 1911, Colbert, Bryan Co.,OK Grover Cleveland Pyle, b. ca 1884 Marshall Co.W.VA+Velma V.GRAY; d. ,6 Jan 1933, Magna, Greer, OK. Grover C. Pyle, Jr.b. 5 June 1908, McCory, Woodruff, AR,+ Lola GILMORE; d. 27 Aug. 1957, Dallas, Dallas, TX. Douglas "Doug" Melvin Pyles,#139436 believes this line somehow ties into Francis PILES (c1660-1727 Prince George's Co MD), through John PILES (died 1735 MD), to Thomas Richard PILES ( 1729 MD-died 1800s NC).     Is testing, looking for a match to Kit #81931, who is a known Joshua PILES descendant, and suspected brother to the John PILES who died 1844 MS). Likely, but unproven: John PILES (c1755-1844 MS). } William Piles (of 1800 Lincoln Co TN; died 1820s IL or AR). } Proven paper trail: Thomas Pyles (or Piles) [b. late 1790's Prob. , , NC; d. 28 Feb. 1835 Prob., , AR] William M. Pyles [b. 21 July 1825 Near Hot Springs, AR; d. 20 Jan. 1911 Lawton, Comanche, OK] Joseph Mitchell Pyles [b. 18 Feb. 1864 Tyler, Smith Co., TX; d. 16 June 1940 Klamath Falls, Klamath, OR] Joseph Melvin Pyles [b. 5 Mar. 1916 Roundup, Musselshell, MT; d. 10 Dec. 1998 Klamath Falls, Klamath, OR] ************ Searching for a link #138125-G.H. adopted, 12 markers ************ Jack Leon Pyle Descended from emmigrant Nicholas Pyle born 1666 in Bishop's Canning, Wiltshire, England. Most distant relative in my tree is John Pyle born 1564 in Stanton, Wiltshire, England. I'm not as confident of the direct relationship of that John Pyle as I am of Nicholas born 1666. b.1564>John>Nicholas>Nicholas,b.1666 Bishops Canning,Wiltshire, d 1716 Chester Co.,PA>Dr. Samuel Pyle,Chester,Pa.>Nicholas, Christian Co.,KY>Nicholas,b.1781>Edwin,b.1809,Christian Co.,KY,d.13 June 1884 MO>Etna Maurice Pyle,b.1851,d. 1927,MO>Etna Maurice,JR.,b. 1879,MO,d. 1955,Pratt,Kans.>Jack Stanley,b. 1923, Kansas,d.15 Nov 1967, Kansas Updated 4/25/09