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*************************** Current Group status *************************** Total number of members: 48 Number of tested men with Pi(y)le(s) descent through female line: 2 Number of women with Pi(y)le(s) descent tested (mtDNA): 1 Currently in testing: kit 176433: 37 Markers kit 177777: 37 Markers kit 179441: 37 Markers ---------------------------------- Current distribution of Pi(y)le(s) male-line-only Y-DNA test results: total number of tested members: 4312 marker results: 325 markers results: 133 markers results: 1(from SMGF; 25 match to FTDNA markers) 34 markers results: 1 (from DNAH) 37 markers results: 2367 (or more*) marker results: 14 *7 members in I1 (BC and Wallops groups) have tested for advanced marker DYS462. See above link for how 462 relates to one Pyle group. Other advanced makers tested include: DYS 463 (3 in I1 (BC)) DYS 643 (2 in I1 (BC)) DYS 635 (3 in I1 (BC)) DYS 461 (1 in R1b (null 439)) A10 (1 in R1b (null 439)) 399X (1,2,3) (2 in I1 (BC)) 464X (1,2,3,4) (1 in I1 (BC)) DYS446 (1 in R1b (null 439)) updated 5/10/10 **********************Project interpretations and output: Some additional information on the project is available here. The web pages here contain interpretation of test results, links to postings concerning the DNA project, and network diagrams generated from the test results. These web pages are updated with any and all test results. Last update: 8 May 2010