Using DNA to Research the Pollard Surname and Variant Spellings
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About us

23 MAY 2018 — As many of you are likely aware, Terry and Marilyn Barton have been acting administrators for the Pollard DNA Project via their large collective alliance, WorldFamilies.net. Due to the European Union's new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation; www.eugdpr.org) effective 25 May 2018 and the requirements and constraints it brings, Terry and Marilyn have decided to retire and cease operating WorldFamilies.net and the over 700 DNA projects hosted and administered there.

Today, webspace for the Pollard DNA Project has transitioned to the Family Tree DNA servers and the application called myGroups. No previous data has been lost, but there will undoubtedly be some sawdust flying about for the next few days...and we can't rule out a minor challenge or two as everything becomes operable.

The "Patriarchs" page from WorldFamilies.net was captured, and the information will be restored here. Likewise, the yDNA results will be organized and grouped by matching/similar haplotypes, however the group names will likely change from what was previously displayed at WorldFamilies.net. These additions will take a day or two.

Pollard is in my direct lineage, and I look forward to serving as your new project administrator. Please join me in thanking Terry and Marilyn Barton for running WorldFamilies.net for 14 years, and wishing them all the best in their retirement.