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The information below was extracted verbatim 23 May 2018 from the previous Pollard Project implementation at WorldFamilies.net. This is a temporary reinstatement of the pedigrees and will be modified in the near, future. Unlike the website at WorldFamilies, no email addresses are included. No living people or personally identifying information will be shown.

The intent going forward will be to group the yDNA results as exactly as possible, and label the sets of pedigrees by Group Number. Note that the outline-type display below from WorldFamilies may cause line-wrapping that could distort the display.

If you would like to contribute your own pedigree, or update/correct an existing one, please do not post in the general, Activity Feed, but use the link at left to email me the information.

  • William Pollard (Project Group 5), b 25 Jul 1620, Siddington, Gloucestershire, England m Ann Dixon
    • John Pollard, b 4 Apr 1644, Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, m Deliverance Willis
      • Samuel Pollard, b 16 Jan 1679, Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, m Mary Solomon
        • David Pollard, b 1718, Taunton, Bristol, Massachusetts, m Lydia Woodward
          • James Pollard, b 2 Oct 1754, Taunton, Bristol, Massachusetts, m Unknown (probably Lockwood)
            • Thomas Pollard, b 9 Dec 1783, Smithfield, Providence, Rhode Island, m Anna Woodward
              • Augustus F Pollard, b 2 Nov 1812, Bridgewater, Windsor, Vermont, m Annis S. Burnes
                • Sherman Chandler Pollard, b 13 Feb 1844, Eden, Lamoille, Vermont, m Ellen E. Connor
                  • William Augustus Pollard, b Nov 1842, Vermont, m Elizabeth D. "Kitty" Prouty
                    • Arthur S. Pollard, b 4 Nov 1880, Vermont, m Sada Slater
                      • Harold Arthur Pollard, b 27 May 1904, Underhill Center, Chittenden, Vermont, m Gladys Ellen Hanley Hurlbut
  • William Pollard Sr., b c1699 Virginia, d 1746 Virginia, m Elizabeth Gholson
    • William Pollard Jr., b 1737 Virginia, d 1818 Georgia, m Alice
      • Thomas D. Pollard, b 1769 Virginia, d 1827 Georgia, m Mary
        • Richard D. Pollard, b 1801 Georgia, d c1870 Alabama, m Mary "Polly" Flurry
          • Thomas H. Pollard, b c1832 Georgia, d 1861/64, m Martha D. Westbrook
            • Richard H. L. Pollard, b 1855 Alabama, d 1915 Arkansas, m Mary E. Trollinger
              • James A. Pollard, b 1897 Mississippi, d 1960 California, m Mamie L. Anderson
  • Absolom Pollard, (Project Group 3), 1760-1835, Virginia, m Leanna Banks
    • Absolom Pollard 1799-1864, Virginia, m Winefred Webb
      • ​Samuel Chiles Pollard 1854-1924, Kentucky, m Leanner Hopper Naylor
        • ​Benjamin Franklin Pollard 1880-1945, Kentucky, m Mattie Lee Pollard
          • ​Chiles Thompson Pollard 1909-1988, Kentucky, m Lena Lee Alberico
  • John Pollard, m Elizabeth Strong
    • Thomas B. Pollard, b 1824 Georgia, d 1876 Texas, m Permelia Austin
      • James Austin Pollard, b 1849 Georgia, d aft 1910 Texas, m Laura Holden
        • Edwin William Pollard, b 1889 Texas, d 1954 Texas, m Margaret Rutherford
  • Henry Pollard (Project Group 1), b 1770 Virginia, m Elizabeth Ragland
    • James Madison Pollard, b 1817 Virginia, m Amanda M. Crenshaw
      • William Alonza Pollard, b 1846 Virginia, m Mary Sue Anthony
        • James Emmett Pollard, b 1873 Virginia, m Lois Estelle Shipley
          • Bernard Wilson Pollard, b Virginia, m Ellen Temple Stanley
  • Peter Pollard, b 1790 Quebec, Canada, d 1870, m 9 Apr 1815 Anna Bonnett, b 1798, d 31 Dec 1839
    • Peter Pollard, b 3 Jan 1823, d 8 Dec 1891, m 10 Jan 1843 Amey (Ama) Baldwin, b 2 Jun 1825, d 29 Apr 1908
  • Thomas Pollard, b 1795 Ballingarry, Tipperary, Ireland, m Judith Dunne Lisnamrock, Ballingarry, Ireland
    • John Pollard, b 30 Mar 1817 Lisnamrock, Ballingarry, Tipperary, Ireland, m Mary Fogarty
      • James Pollard, b Jul 1842 Ballingarry, Tipperary, Ireland, d 17 Apr 1902, m 5 Apr 1863 Ellen Fahey, Sterling, Illinois
        • William Richard Pollard, b 11 Feb 1866 Whiteside County, Illinois, d 23 Apr 1952 Osceola, Iowa, m 6 Sep 1909 Clara Elizabeth Chamberlain
  • Thomas Pollard, b c1810 Scotland, m Ann Harris
    • John Pollard, b 1836 Anwoth, Scotland, d aft 1900 Detroit, Michigan, m Mary Ann Smith, b 1834 Ireland, d Michigan
      • Frances Lester Pollard, b 1863 Dalry, Scotland, d 1936 Michigan, m Margaret Cook, b 1866 Detroit, Michigan, d 1923 Michigan
        • Frances Pollard, Jr., b 1898 Detroit, Michigan, d 1964 Michigan, m Josephine Gay, b 1898 Michigan, d 1945 Michigan
  • Rosston Whatley Pollard, b 27 Jun 1812 Morgan County, Georgia&, d 17 Feb 1881, m Eveline H. Barton
    • John Barton Pollard, b Jun 1831 Morgan County, Georgia, m Sarah Josephine Dean
      • Georgia Pollard, b Texas, m Loren E. Seaman
        • Orland R. Seaman, deceased
  • Abner P. Pollard (Project Group 5), b 1819 Pennsylvania, d 1902 Ohio, m Anna Catherine Wymer
    • Adam L. Pollard, b 1856 Pennsylvania, d 1923 Ohio, m Hannah H. Brand
      • Charles Raymond Pollard, b 1890 Ohio, d 1967 Texas, m Bertha Zeigler
        • Gareth M. Pollard, deceased
  • John Pollard, m Juliet Jeffries
    • James Pollard, b 1842 King & Queen County, Virginia, d 1899 Baltimore, Maryland, m Susanne Bancroft Tyler
      • Lulie Pollard, deceased
      • Gurdon Pollard, deceased
      • Juliet Pollard, deceased
  • Andrew J. Pollard (Project Group 1), b 11 Dec 1825 Alabama, d 1 Dec 1884 Yell County, Arkansas, m Nancy J.
    • James Franklin Pollard, b 26 Oct 1873 Yell County, Arkansas, d 7 Jun 1925 Haskell County, Oklahoma, m Mary Frances Hinnard
      • Clayton James Pollard, b 23 Apr 1905 Pittsburg County, Oklahoma, d 24 Jun 1987 Anaheim, Orange County, California, m Lettie Beatrice Coleman