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Piast dynasty

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About us

The aim of the Piast Dynasty Project is to identify the modern day patrilineal and matrilineal descendants of different branches of the Piasts, the first Polish royal dynasty. As the current technology used for genealogical testing may not be sufficient to allow for the use of  the descendants’ autosomal DNA, the project concentrates on the direct male descendants of the Piasts (Y chromosome) as well as their descendants in the direct female line (mitochondrial DNA).
In 2013 it was announced that the project to sequence DNA of 50 Piast samples would be undertaken by the Poznan Centre of Archeogenomics. The project has not concluded yet and the results of this study remain to be published. Therefore we can only speculate as to the actual haplogroup(s) of the Piast dynasty. 
This is why everybody who suspects having a Piast link in their ancestry is encouraged to join the project. As soon as the results of the study undertaken by the Institute of Biorganic Chemistry are published, the participants of the Piast Dynasty Project whose DNA match the historical Piast samples will be contacted individually.