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Phelps Related forums, projects and web sites


SNP developments in the E1a1/M44 Phelps web sites 

Other Phelps DNA Projects

The Northeast NC Phelps project which accepts other types of DNA testing
and the related  Phelps of NE NC Google Site,

The  New England Phelps DNA project which accepts other types of DNA testing.   Their yDNA-genealogy site is Here, maintained by Dorothy Gellai and Brian Phelps along with support from New England Phelps members. Two related google forums  (see the NE England Project administrator.)

Southern Phelps Research Sites

Southern yDNA Phelps Lineages site
, searchable by Y-DNA kit number or other phrases.

 A Repository of Genealogical Research on Southern Phelps Families of the 18th and 19th Centuries ,

 The blog, Phelps Family Research Team Blog

 Descendants of Nicholas and Hannah Baskel Phelps, Perquimans Co, NC   A free yDNA test may be available for descendants of this line

Extensive comment on the three lines (maybe 5) with a common ancestor: James of Caswell Co, NC, Thomas of Albemarle Co, VA, and Thomas Felps of Baltimore Co, Md.   Opinion by Douglas Phelps, moved to the Southern Phelps Lineages site here