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About us

yDNA is a tiny portion of the entire DNA molecule that is passed from FATHER TO SON for many generations with little or no change. Because of this unique quality, it can be used as a very powerful genealogical tool to trace surnames.   Therefore yDNA tests are required

This project has undergone several major revisions, particularly in the approach of displaying yDNA groups.  The current (2021) approach was used by the recent past administrator and changes to the yDNA display will be minimal.

  Several geographical Phelps related projects have sprung from this overall Phelps yDNA project as listed below. 

Be sure to review the LINKS page to review a number of Phelps sites for research, etc

If you have a ydna Phelps test at FTDNA please join here and ALSO, if appropriate, join a Phelps geographical project as listed below. 

Phelps of NE NC Research

Phelps of New England Origins FTDNA DNA Group/Project

Phelps of Caswell,NC, Albemarle, NC,  and Baltimore Md Counties

For those Phelps who are of Haplogroup E-M96 or M44

Walter Phelps of Arundel Co, Md