Phelps yDNA

Phelps yDNA

About us

Project Goals

  • Using yDNA tests, identify the different Phelps lines.
  • Provide a scientific way to identify or confirm one's direct lineage.  A yDNA paternal test is the ONLY way to confirm the biological Phelps line to which one belongs or to help point to the right direction.
  • Provide a platform for members to interact to discover their immigrant Phelps family line origins and ancestors. 
  • Encourage members to interact and develop related forums and research sites. Secondarily this will serve as a basis for members to build up Phelps trees.
  • Provide a FTDNA-held fund for donations to assist in the cost of FTDNA tests.

Goals of the Project Administrator

  • Group yDNA related men on the FTDNA provided pages.
  • Provide assistance to members as they learn from FTDNA’s Learning Center
  • For the yDNA determined "southern early American"  Phelps, maintain an optional yDNA-paternal lineage site, often with comment and member provided research.  
  • As applicable, direct members to geographical area Phelps FTDNA Projects which accept additional types of testing with their own forums and genealogy sites. (New England Phelps  and NE NC Phelps)