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Update 18 July 2012

Our Patty surname project is growing! We now have nineteen participants who have tested their yDNA

I1 Group
The TIP Calculator, using a computation that they did not share an ancestor more recently than 12 generations ago for Kit 236500 and Kit 89439 in a comparison between them shows the following:

93.26% within 20 generations
98.18% within 24 generations

There is also the same conclusion from TIP for Kit 119044 and 95388. Kit 236500 has no paper trail going back to 12 generations. A 67 marker upgrade may be able to help further differentiate who is the closest match. If used in conjunction with a paper trail connection to support it, the next step will be to see if the lines above can be merged.

Mullin is a surname associated with Jesse Paty d. 1795 SC. The name of  his daughter was listed as Delila  Mullin as shown in Jesse's will. Kinship of John Edward Mullin b. 1796, ancestor of Kit 228986, is to be determined.

The blank lines for Paternal ancestor name will be filled in when each participant provides said name at his myFTDNA page, where applicable.

Update 29 June 2010

Within the Patty Surname project tested participants have been placed in three distinct Haplogroups; Haplogroup I1, Haplogroup R1b1 and Haplogroup A. (Placement in different Haplogroups means that the participants are not possibly related.)

Haplogroup I1
There are 5 participants who have tested as Haplogroup I1. Of these five, there is a probability that three share a common ancestor within 8 generations: a descendant of Josiah Patty of Roane County Tennessee; a descendant of Obed Patty of McMinn County Tennessee; and a descendant of Isaac H. Stetler of Indiana. Their shared ancestor is unknown. (Their genealogy paper trails do not show a shared ancestor in the last 6 generations.)

A descendant of Joshua Walker Patty (believed to be a descendant of Jesse Paty of Union County South Carolina) is a genetic distance of 2 with the three above. The probability that they shared an ancestor is 18 - 24 generations ago, well before colonial America.

A descendant of James Patty and Mary Cook who migrated from South Carolina to Ohio (believed to be the son of Thomas Patty of Virginia) was a genetic distance of 1 from the four above. There is a probability that they shared a common ancestor 17 - 24 generations ago. Again, well before colonial America.

Within Haplogroup I1 we have identified three family lines thus far:
Unknown Ancestor of Obediah Patty, Josiah Patty and Isaac H. Stetler;
Jesse Paty of South Carolina, ancestor of Joshua Walker Patty;
Thomas Patty of Virginia, ancestor of James Patty of South Carolina who married Mary Cook

Haplogroup R1b1
Two participant have tested as Haplogroup R1b1. One participant is a descendant of James Patty who married Margaret Mote in South Carolina (believed to be the son of James Patty of Halifax Virginia). The other participant is a descendant of Jesse James Patty of Roane County Tennessee (previously thought to be the son of Josiah Patty of the same county). At 25 markers tested these two are a genetic distance of 8. Therefore, it is unlikely that they share an ancestor in a genealogical significant time frame.

Update 10 June 2009

We are confident that all of these men in Haplogroup A would share a common ancestor with one another. In looking at the two samples of 9RR and 9CR men's results the prediction is that at 67 markers there is a 95% chance of a common ancestor within the past 8 generations. So, we would believe that they would share the same Benjamin Ray ancestor, since that is where their ancestry is tracing back to. The one mismatch at marker 413b has no significance at this time, since it is not known if it is a fast moving marker or not.

The sample for the descendant of 6P is an exact match at 25 markers to 9RR whose decendant tested at 67 markers.

The samples for the descendant of 9P and 9RR are an exact match at 67 markers and have a probability of 98.16% of a common ancestor within 7 generations.

The sample for the descendant of 7V show 1 mismatch and a probability within 9 generations of 94.43%.

The sample for the descendant of 8R shows 3 mismatches and a probability within 12 generations of 94.76%.

Some of the research done so far is pointing toward a recent country of origin for the A Haplogroup participants tested in the Patty DNA Project as being Ireland or Scotland.

Update 26 May 2009
Brief explanation regarding results of Patty DNA Project:
The administrators of this project make use of the tools provided by FamilyTreeDNA in analyzing results. One of these tools is the FTDNATiP™ Report that computes the statistical probabilities of when a common ancestor may have lived. The probabilities take into consideration the mutation rates for each individual marker being compared. Since each marker has a different mutation rate, identical Genetic Distances will not necessarily yield the same probabilities. (Because the important factor in calculating the time to the Most Recent Common Ancestor is the number of generations between which mutations could take place, the number of years per generation is irrelevant in FTDNATiP™ Report calculations.)

Haplogroup I1 results:
The sample for 3P Obed Patty and 2S I. H. Stetler are exact matches at 67 markers. The FTDNATiP™ Report concludes that there is a 99.89% probability that the two representatives of these men shared a common ancestor within the past 8 generations.

The sample for 1P Obediah Patty was an exact match for 25 markers with 3P Obed Patty and 2S I. H. Stetler. The genealogical information (paper trail) secondary sources indicate that this representative’s ancestor, Josiah Patty, and Obed Patty were brothers which makes it likely that they share a common ancestor.

The sample for 4P Jesse Patty appeared to match the samples for 3P Obed Patty and 2S I. H. Stetler at 37 markers but further refinement revealed that there was a mismatch of two steps at a slow mutating alleles. Since we know from the paper trail that these representatives did not share a common ancestor in at least the past 5 generations, the FTDNATip™ Report calculates the probability that the representative of 4P Jesse Patty shared a common ancestor with these participants at 19 generations (about 475 years) ago. That is well before colonial genealogical records in America.

The sample for 5P James Patty was a genetic distance of 1 with the other samples in the group at 37 markers. The 99.89% probability that this representative and the other representatives in the group shared a common ancestor is 27 generations (about 675 years) ago.

Haplogroup A results:
The sample for 6P and 9P Elijah Paty of Virginia was an exact match at 25 markers. Elijah Paty’s mother was Sarah Paty/Patty and his father’s name is not known, so it was not unexpected that his descendants would match with others of a different surname. They also have exact matches at 25 markers with individuals with 9RR Benjamin Ray, and 8R H. D. Roberts and 7V G. W. Vest.
At 37 markers the 6P Paty descendant is an exact match (37/37) with a Ray; a difference of one (37/36) with 7V Vest and a Rae and Ray; and a difference of 3 (37/34) with 8R Roberts.

At 67 markers the 9P Paty descendant is distance of one from a Ray and 7V Vest (67/66); a distance of 2 (67/65) with a Ray and Rae; and a distance of 3 (67/64) with 8R Roberts. There are a number of matches to the Boyd name at 67 from a distance of 4 (67/63) to a distance of 7 (67/60).
There is additional information about relatedness according to FTDNA here.

Haplogroup R1b1b2 results:
The sample for 10P James Patty shows he is not related in his direct paternal line to any others in the study and therefore has his own lineage. We are looking for other male relatives who wish to test for this line and to participate in the Patty project.

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January 17, 2009
Preliminary Y-DNA Results for the PATTY Project Are:
1. Of the ten men in the project, nine have been tested. Four of the nine tested are in haplogroup A. Five of the nine tested are in haplogroup I1. Being in different haplogroups means that it is not possible that they share a common ancestor in their direct paternal line.

2. In haplogroup A, two share a known common ancestor in Virginia (Elijah Paty). The other two have different surnames.

3. In haplogroup I1 no one shares a common ancestor in the last 20 generations (hundreds of years). We appear to have at least three distinct family lines of the surname Patty. Their oldest known ancestor for each are: Ohio and Indiana (James Patty); South Carolina (Jesse Patty); and Tennessee (Obed Patty and Josiah Patty). The fifth participant is of a different surname and closely matches, so far, the results of the person who tested from the line of Obed Patty.
Further testing will tell us if the others fall into one of these family groups or additional family lines.