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Our surname of interest is PATTY and its variant spellings. We are looking for additional participants. Individuals interested in collaborating on family history and using genetic testing to assist our research efforts are eligible to join. If you are curious as to whether you share a common ancestor with other family lines, please join us in this surname study. Any Patty male may join, including those with variant spellings of the surname. This project study is using the DNA test that looks at a portion of the DNA called the Y chromosome. The Y chromosome is unique to males and can be used to identify one's direct paternal line. For this reason, females cannot contribute directly, but can find a male relative (father, brother, cousin, uncle) to be tested as a representative of her line. The PATEY, PATTEY, PATIE, PATTIE, PATTY, PATY surnames appear in all thirteen original colonies of Colonial America (1600-1775). Initial DNA testing results have revealed a complex set of lineages. There are probably dozens of different lines represented among those who carry the surname, and many more tests will be needed before we can reliably identify the many family lines that comprise the surname. This project is expected to help to confirm the genealogical trail of these various lines.

HOW TO SIGN UP: Click on "Request to Join This Group"--see link on the top of this page--for further instructions on how to apply and purchase your test kit. Leah Wark of FTDNA advises that, in our particular project, if you have a well-documented pedigree of five or more generations that you should order either the 25 or 37 Marker test kit. You may, of course, begin with the 12 Marker test if you choose. Later on you can upgrade to a higher panel according to your individual needs.

GENERAL FUND: To contribute, go to the URL at the end of this paragraph. Your donation is appreciated. The fund will help potential members who need assistance in purchasing the test kit. Anyone needing help for that purpose should contact us. URL is here

FAQ: Click on this link at the top for answers to your questions about the projects. If you still want to know more and it is not covered in the FAQ's, contact Family Tree at the location listed below.

Updated: Feb 17, 2011