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About us

As of June 4, 2010, we have 138 members, with a good geographical distribution. We currently have Y-DNA results for 129 males and mtDNA results for 4 females. There have been some dramatic surprises, and all informative.

These results have been analyzed by A. J. Pate to identify the different family lines represented. Members are being placed into sub-groups by apparent family lines for presentation on our website. So far, we have identified 8 distinct and separate family lines. Other family lines may be determined as results come in, or as new members become part of our Project.

The results of DNA testing for the Pate DNA Project can be viewed under the tabs captioned "Y-DNA Results" for males and "mtDNA Results" for the female members. At the top of this page, click on the tabs at the uppwe left.

In the posted results, members of this Project are individually identified only by the name of their most distant documented ancestor (MDDA), as they each provided to the Project. Their own personal names are not shown.

Each family sub-group carries the name of the oldest MDDA in that line. These sub-group names are subject to change as new members join the sub-groups or as more accurate information is developed.

This is where it could really get interesting and informative. Members could then contact the other members in their sub-group to begin the search for the common ancestor. Joel Pate will be available to assist in this exciting quest.

Disclaimer: The Project is not certifying the accuracy of the MDDAs and related information. The Project does not want to be in the position of possibly disseminating or perpetuating misinformation; therefore, we have asked each member to take very seriously their obligation and responsibility to provide accurate information to the Project, and ultimately the public. This is not an appropriate place for guesswork or speculation.

We invite members and the public alike to review all the MDDA information provided here, and if there is any evidence, direct or circumstantial, that there are inaccuracies, please bring them immediately to the attention of the Administrator of this Project for review. E-mail addresses are at the top of this page.