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In Memoriam: Jinks Pate-Lee 1923 - 2008. Jinks Pate-Lee was the greatest genealogist of the Pate family in its history. It was very fortunate that she became a Co-Administrator of the Pate DNA Project shortly after its founding by A. J. Pate in May 2006. For decades, Jinks had been untiring and unfailing in her efforts to help all persons with their Pate genealogies. She brought that same determination and purpose to making our Project successful until her sad death in May 2008. She will be greatly missed by the entire community of the Pate family.

The Pate DNA Project was founded in May 2006 and is independent of any other genealogical websites or forums. This project intends to be as expansive as possible and welcomes all variants of the surname "Pate". A worldwide database is desirable, and participation is welcome from all who meet the criteria noted in the following paragraphs. The ultimate success of this Project is directly dependent on the number of Pate's who join it.

This project uses DNA testing of the Y-chromosome. Since only males inherit the Y-chromosome from their fathers, the Y-DNA follows the surname, passing from father to son through all subsequent generations, unchanged (except for random minor mutations) for well over 500 years. This testing cannot specifically identify distant ancestors, but can identify those in this project that you are related to and how closely. Further research with newly-discovered relatives may lead to identification of the common ancestor and, in the process, breaking through brick walls. To participate directly in this project, you should be a male "Pate", regardless of your nationality, national origin, or variants in spelling of the surname. However, females, whose birth surname was "Pate", are welcome and encouraged to participate indirectly by having a male Pate relative (father, brother, uncle, cousin) join the project.

Females do not have Y-DNA. They neither inherit it from their fathers nor pass it down to their sons. Thus tracing family lines through maternal mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) is problematical, since the mtDNA is passed through the generations only from mothers to daughters. The mtDNA does not follow the family surname due to marriages, with female birth names often quickly lost to history. The mtDNA is passed from mothers to sons, but sons do not pass it on to their children. Females with a Pate bloodline, who have no Pate male proxy for their family line, are welcome to submit for mtDNA testing, but should be fully aware of its limitations. A match on mtDNA proves only that the females share a common female ancestor, but the time to the most recent common ancestor may range from many hundreds of years to several thousand years. In other words, a female who was a Pate by birth could determine a kinship through mtDNA to a female who was never a Pate either by birth or marriage, while the reverse would never be true for a male Pate through Y-DNA.

We will be happy to receive suggestions, comments, offers of expertise, etc. regarding the format of this website. This website belongs to all the participants, and hopefully will prove to be a valuable resource for all.

Collecting the DNA sample: This is easier than brushing your teeth. You simply use a cotton-tipped brush to swab the cheeks inside your mouth in the privacy of your own home. It is as simple as that. For a photo of the sample kit and more detail, go to this 

Pricing: We initially recommend the basic 12-marker Y-DNA test to determine your family line within the Pate DNA Project. For a person joining this Project, the cost of this test is reduced to only $99, a substantial one-third discount off FTDNA's regular price of $149. However, if you are already certain which family line you will be in from reviewing the "Y-DNA Results" on this website, you should consider ordering one of the advanced tests for additional markers. Substantial project discounts are also available for those tests. This cost becomes even more reasonable when you consider that you could spend much more than this amount on fruitless trips and research, not counting the wasted time and frustration. Through this project, you could save countless hours by eliminating unrelated family lines and focusing on your own direct line. You will almost certainly make contacts and surprising findings that would have been virtually impossible without DNA testing. 

Disclaimer: This is strictly a volunteer effort of Troy Pate and A. J. Pate, and no remuneration of any kind from any source is received by either of us in connection with this project. We have paid exactly the same testing fees as will any other participants. Our reward will be derived from the success of the project and the satisfaction we will all feel from the unexpected discoveries waiting for us.

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