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The attendees of our recent Pate Genealogical Convocation had an exciting opportunity to acquire long out-of-print works by some of our great Pate genealogists. Now this opportunity is being made available to the Pate family at large and other interested parties. This is an opportunity to acquire works that many never had the opportunity to obtain before, or perhaps were not even aware of. The works are published on CDs in searchable PDF formats, with very attractive labels. These are the works which will be available for purchase, with email addresses to contact: "Thomas Pate, d. 1774, Sussex County, Virginia" by Helen Pate Ross. 632 pages. The definitive work on this ancestor. Contact: Joel Pate "Pate Pioneers" by Clovis Byars Herring. A quarterly journal of Pate genealogy, published from 1986 to 1991. All 22 issues. Contact: Clovis Herring "The New Pate Pioneers" by Bernard Dudek. A quarterly journal of Pate genealogy, published from 1996 to 1997. All 9 issues. Contact: Bernie Dudek Please contact each person directly to order your copies.

The Pate DNA Project sponsored a Pate Genealogical Convocation held in Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia on September 12 to 14, 2008. Over 80 people attended, representing every section of the nation. It was the first event of its kind ever held for the Pate family and the greatest gathering of Pate genealogists in our history! All our pre-eminent and most respected genealogists had planned to attend and participate as speakers and/or panelists. Sadly, Jinks Pate-Lee and Helen Pate Ross passed away before the Convocation was held. The others, together for the first time, were: Clovis Herring Joel Pate Dr. Jim Peacock Bernie Dudek Jinks and Joel were well-known and respected by all for their decades of unselfish service to other genealogists and persons just wanting to know a little more about their own Pate families. They never turned down a request for information or help. Jinks was also a co-administrator of the Pate DNA Project. Helen Pate Ross published several books of genealogy. Her best-known work is "Thomas Pate, d. 1774, Sussex County, Virginia", currently out of print, which is the definitive work on this particular subject and the Pate families in Colonial Virginia in general. Dr. Jim Peacock is perhaps best known for his booklet "Pate Pioneers on the Pee Dee River", which represents the primary resource on the tangled Pate family lines in North Carolina, with a particular focus on sorting out the various men named Thoroughgood Pate. Dr. Peacock is meticulous and scholarly in documenting his research. Clovis Herring initiated and published "The Pate Pioneers" from 1986 to 1991, a much-admired quarterly journal of Pate genealogy. Bernie Dudek then published "The New Pate Pioneers" for 1996 to 1997, in the tradition of Clovis' earlier work. Both of these hard-to-find journals are much sought after by Pate genealogists. It was sponsored by the Pate DNA Project as a public service for all our Pate relatives and other interested persons. Attendance was not limited to just members of our Project, but was open to all who wished to attend. It was a great opportunity to meet our great genealogists in person, and also meet many other "cousins" who have been exchanging information over the years. Colonial Williamsburg was chosen because of its beauty, uniqueness, and its historical significance, particularly for our family. Our family's roots are firmly planted in early Colonial Virginia, with prominent members of the family serving in the Council of State and the House of Burgesses. This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and by all accounts, it was a great success!
The project has celebrated its fourth anniversary. A. J. Pate initiated the Project with Family Tree DNA and became its administrator and first member on May 17, 2006. Jinks Pate-Lee and Joel Pate joined shortly after, and soon accepted the position of co-administrators of the Project. We are very proud of all that the Project has accomplished in just four years, none of which could have been done without the participation and enthusiasm of our members who joined because of their great interest and pride in their Pate family and heritage.

Here are some of the Project's achievements:
~~ increased membership to 138, including 133 males and 5 females
~~ determined that there are three major Pate family lines, with Jinks, Joel, and A. J. belonging to separate lines
~~ A. J. and Joel Pate have broken through their brickwalls
~~ confirmed that the surname variation "Pait" is related to the Pate family
~~ proven validity of much of the traditional and published works (both print and Internet) by such prominent Pate researchers as Jim Peacock, Clovis Herring, Helen Pate Ross, Jinks Pate Lee, and Joel Pate
~~ several members have discovered or confirmed their Pate ancestry
~~ almost all members have discovered close kinships that would have been impossible without the Project.

We are expecting many exciting discoveries to be made in the coming years. These include the anticipation of some major breakthroughs in continuing to confirm common ancestors between members. We have appointed Joe Scarborough as a project coordinator with the goal of unraveling the tangled Pate family lines in the Carolinas of the 1700s, with focus on the several Thoroughgood Pate's of that time. This is one of the most frustrating areas of Pate genealogical research. Many of our members lose their direct lines in that tangle. We also hope to make more progress in tracing at least one of our family lines back to the 1600s in colonial Virginia. Joel has continued his unselfish efforts of past decades by being available to help members research their personal genealogy in relation to their DNA results, as well as help them with preparation of GEDCOMs and DNA postings to Y-Search. We urge all Pate's who wish to take advantage of all the latest advances of genealogical research to join our Project. We can assure that you will be able to narrow the focus of your research, saving much time, effort, expenses, and frustration. Additionally, you will almost certainly discover kinships which would have been impossible to find without DNA analysis. And, ultimately, may be able to break through or leap over your own brickwall. In summary, it is not an overstatement to say that the Pate DNA Project has revitalized, if not revolutionized, genealogical research of the Pate family. It is an extremely powerful and invaluable asset in confirming or disproving various assumptions made by traditional research. We encourage all Pate's to join us in this exciting adventure.


Joel Pate of Florida, the leading and most respected Pate genealogist in the world, is a participant and former Co-Administrator of the Project. He is currently active in assisting members in sorting family lines and identifying those elusive distant relatives. His active participation is helping assure the success of the Project.


This is the article that motivated me to move from casual curiosity to active participation. I hope you will find it as fascinating as I did. THE WALL STREET JOURNAL, Monday, 24 April 2006, Page R8: "Missing Links: DNA testing, the hottest tool in genealogy, is helping more people open doors to their past" by Donald Moffitt. Link: (The article is posted fairly near the top of a very long page, shortly after the large family photo. The easiest way to locate it would be to depress the Ctrl key then hit the F key, which will open a small "Find" window; type "Moffitt".) Another fascinating story of how a family used DNA to solve an old family


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