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As the North American lines are untangled, the results are posted at at Catalog of American P-rr-tt families. 

DNA results are showing the following two families to be same:
- Descendants of Lawrence & b ca 1700 & his wife, Mary Parrott, Gloucester Co., Virginia
- Descendants of Benjamin Parrott, b ca 1750 Rockingham Co., North Carolina
- Descendants of Robert Parrott, b ca 1770, Gloucester Co., Virginia
- Descendants of William Parrott, b ca 1814, Georgia
All of these families appear to descend from an older Lawerence Perrott who settled in Gloucester Co., Virginia in the late 1600s.

The following families also appear to be the same, all being descended from Richard Perrot of Middlesex Co, Virginia, or from his brother, Robert:
- Descendants of Nathaniel Parrott, b 1702, VA
- Descendants of Joel Parrott, b 1753 VA
- Descendants of Curtis Parrott, b 1688 VA
- Descendants of Luke Parrott, b 1776 VA
- Descendants of John Parrott, b 1777 SC
- Descendants of Amos Parrott, b 1848, MS
The origins of this family in England have been found, in Potton, near Bedford.

These two families appear to be the same:
- Descendants of Henry Parrott, b 1782 in Bottetourt, VA
- John Parrott, b early 1800's, Hamilton Co., Tennessee

Another group of families is:
- Descendants of William Parrott, d 1669, of Talbot county, MD
- Charles Amos Parrott, b 1820, Somerset; d 1829 Union Co., OH
Charles can be traced back to a George b 1684 in Wiltshire, suggesting that Wiltshire might also be the place of origin of the group in Talbot County, Maryland.

The last group that has been pieced together by DNA is a French family from South Carolina:
- Descendants of Needham Perrit, b ca 1748 in France, d in SC
- Descendants of John Parrott, b 1792, TN
- Descendants of William A. Perritt, b 1809, GA
- Descendants of John H. Parrot, 1811, TN
- Descendants of George Washington Perrett, b 1852 in MS

DNA results are also available for these families, which are unrelated to each other, or to other P-rr-tt families:
- Descendants of Nicolas Perrot of Canada
- Descendants of William Parrott, b 1714, Elizabethtown, NJ
- Descendants of Christopher Parrott, b 1755 MD
- Descendants of Samuel Parrott, b 1814, Kent, England
- Descendants of Samuel Parratt, b 1849, likely, England
- Descendants of Francis and Frances Parrott, Chowan, NC, 1690's

And several others as well. A more detailed set of DNA results with information on the corresponding families is at the 
P-rr-tt DNA Results page.

Regardless, many important lineages in the UK, the US, and Australia/New Zealand still remain untested.