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A more detailed set of results is at the project's results page at the P-rr-tt DNA Results page.

Several P-rr-tt DNA results have been posted on this project. Most are from North America, but a few results are available from the United Kingdom and Ireland. It is evident from these results that the P-rr-tts are falling into distinct family groups, meaning the P-rr-tt surname arose independently on several occasions.

The majority of P-rr-tts in North America trace back to just 7 of the original (1600s & early 1700s) immigrant families: William of Talbot Co., Richard Perrott of Middlesex Co., Lawrence Perrott of Gloucester/Mathews Co., Needham Perrit from the Carolinas, Francis Parrott from North Carolina, Frederick Parrott of Shenandoah Co., and Albert Parot, a French Canadian whose descendants settled in New York and Vermont. All the other early P-rr-tt families have far fewer descendants. Several African-American families began to appear after the Civil War, though these have remained small. In addition, there has been a steady stream of P-rr-tt families arriving from England, France, and other countries.

The current understanding of the various P-rr-tt families that arrived in North America can be found at the
Catalog of American P-rr-tt families. Information on British families is better obtained from the P*rr*tt Society.