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About us

The ultimate objective of this project is to help people learn more about their Malley / Maley ancestry. The typical questions that DNA Projects like this one can answer are:

1. To which Malley / Maley individuals am I most closely related? Will this help me push back my own Malley / Maley genealogy a couple of generations?

2. From where does my own particular Malley / Maley branch originate?

3. Is it possible to link my 
Malley / Maley branch to the ancient genealogies, as described in the Ancient Annals?

4. What can DNA tell us about the origins and evolution of the surname 
Malley / Maley, and its different variants? How are they related to each other (if at all)?

5. What does the larger Family Tree of the Malley / Maley surname look like, going back to the origins of the surname? Can we define it based on the mutations we find in the DNA?

Some of these objectives can be realised very quickly, others will take years to achieve, so this is very much a long term project and will take a lot of time, dedication, and patience to achieve maturity. The standard starting test for most people is the Y-DNA-37 test (which tests 37 STR* markers). This can be ordered via the project for $149 (as of Feb 2017). Additional testing may include: a) 
upgrading to 67 markers or 111 markers; b) SNP testing (either via a specific SNP Pack, a single SNP* test, or an NGS* test such as the Big Y from FTDNA).

In order to achieve these goals, there are several things that members can do to help themselves and each other.

1) Fill in your MDKA information (Most Distant Known Ancestor) for both your maternal line and (especially) your paternal line. Surname spelling & birth location are the most important details. Simply click on your name in the top right of your home page after logging in - click on Account Settings - Genealogy - Most Distant Ancestors ... I have posted instructions on how to do this on the following link.

2) Post your Malley / Maley Pedigree to our Pedigree Page on the DNA Project blog. This will potentially help other people to connect with you. It would be best if you could provide it in the following format:

  1. James Malley / Maley b c1835 Shallee, Co. Tipperary, d 12 Nov 1879 Longstone, Co. Tipperary, m 13 Apr 1860 Maria FARRELL, Silvermines, Co. Tipperary
  2. xxx
  3. xxx
  4. xxx … but not including dates for a) births <100 years ago, b) marriages <75 years ago, or c) deaths <50 years ago
  5. the DNA kit owner (you can use initials, the last 4 digits of your kit number, or simply say "kit owner"). Be sure to protect other people's privacy. You can also include your email address if you wish to be contacted by fellow researchers - I recommend to take the @ sign out and replace it with AT (for added security). And also please include a link to any online family tree that you have.

3) Add your Ancestral Surnames (click on your name in the top right of your home page after logging in - click on Account Settings - Genealogy - Surnames). I suggest to put SURNAMES in capital letters and Locations in normal text.

Adding these 3 essential pieces of information to your online presence will maximise the chances of finding long lost cousins and breaking through your Brick Walls.

Further information can be found here ... Getting the Most out of your Y-DNA Test

Good luck with your genealogical endeavours!  

(* STR, Short Tandem Repeat; SNP, Single Nucleotide Polymorphism; NGS, Next Generation Sequencing)