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This project is open to anyone with ancestors called Maley, Malley, or O'Malley (or one of its many variants). The recommended starting point for all participants is a Y-DNA-37 test ($149 via the project) followed by "downstream SNP testing" ($119). This combination of tests will most likely allocate you to a specific genetic family within the project as well as placing you on a specific branch of the Human Evolutionary Tree. This information will help us identify your ancestral homeland and may also allow us to tie you in to the ancient genealogies regarding the Maley / Malley surname.

To get the most out of your Y-DNA test results, please follow the instructions here (copy & paste this address into your browser) ... http://dnaandfamilytreeresearch.blogspot.co.uk/2017/01/getting-most-out-of-your-y-dna-test.html

It would also be most helpful if you could supply your Maley / Malley pedigree in the format below by putting it onto the Activity Feed page (see the menu on the left) or email it directly to co-administrator Patti Easton at amharach@msn.com:
1) James MALLEY b c1835 Shallee, Co. Tipperary, d 12 Nov 1879 Longstone, Co. Tipperary, m 13 Apr 1860 Maria COYLE, Silvermines, Co. Tipperary
2) Morty MALLEY ... (same as above)
3) John MALLEY ... (same as above)
4) Abigail MALLEY … but not including dates for a) births <100 years ago, b) marriages <75 years ago, or c) deaths <50 years ago
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6 Feb 2017
The project was started in May, 2005 by Bob Maley, a descendant of James Maley, and David Maley, a descendant of Lawrence Maley. The original Goals were as follows:
"Initially we would like to link the pre-1800 Maley families in the US genealogically, but the ultimate goal is linking the Maley surname to families in Ireland and elsewhere.
Surname variations include Maley,Malia, Malie, Mallie, Mealey, Melia, O'Malley, O'Mealey, including the Gaelic spellings Mhallie and Mallie."

In Jan 2017, Maurice Gleeson joined as Administrator and Patti Easton as Co-Administrator.

Previous Project Description from Bob Maley (Project Administrator, 2005-2017):
This project will involve surname variations to include, but not limited to the following: MALEY, MEALY, MEALEY, O'MALLEY, O'MEALEY. We are attempting to connect various lines which can not be supported through standard genealogical research.
The project began as an attempt to link Lawrence Maley, Revolutionary War Veteran, and James Maley, a contempory in York County, Pennsylvania. We would also like to connect these lines to our ancestral home, Ireland.