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researching Maley, Malley, O'Malley (and variants) worldwide
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Tim Brooks Tim Brooks
June 27 @ 10:32am
Y67 kit # 613184 -My GG-Grandmother was Sabina ("Sibby" - Sarah) Maley Toner/Tonra of Westport, Mayo, b abt 1828-33, d Nov 1883 on James St, Westport ... she was married on 16 Oct 1847 at Oughaval RC Church, Mayo, to Stephen Toner/Tonra of Westport, Mayo, b 1809 - d 1985. Sabina had a tough life. -Sabina's parents were Martin Maley, of Westport, Mayo, b abt 1805, -and Mary b abt 1800. All who may have info on them, their lives, or early lineage welcome to comment.
Harold "Mike" O'Malley Harold "Mike" O'Malley
August 11, 2017 @ 6:44pm
Hello! I have just now placed Harold "Mike" Clifton O'Malley in the O'Malley project group. His sister, Jane O'Malley Brown, is actually the one registered with her email at FTDNA. I had asked them to do the Y test for me as my mother is an O'Malley. I also have my mother's 1st cousin, Fred O'Malley, already registered with the O'Malley project. We are from 2 different O'Malley families--both in Kansas for several generations. We believe we are related because of a group photo from the 1950's following a funeral with members from both families in the same photo. Obviously THEY knew they were related, but none of us have discovered how. My mom & Fred's families grew up in one county, and Jane & Mike's family grew up in a neighboring county. Each of the families have done a lot of old fashioned genealogy research, and with no luck tying them together. We go back to about 1850 on the O'Malley lines. Jane has asked me for my help--large learning curve concerning how best to use DNA results--so you can contact me thru my email: and you will reach Susan Foster Nelson. Thanks!
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Dominic O'Ceallaigh Basher
January 29, 2019 @ 4:01pm
Harold is one of only two matches I have in this project (although my maternal Granny was an O'Malley from near Newport, Mayo). My earliest known O'Malley ancestor is Michael O'Malley (died 1820) who was married to Ann Reilly (or Riley). Their descendants lived somewhere between Westport and Newport (possibly at least one family on an island off this side of Clew Bay) and many later emigrated to America. (Just found this project so have not yet posted the ancestral info requested).
Karen Lovell
January 7 @ 6:13pm
Hi I match Harold quite highly,This is on my Father's County Mayo side (Bangor, Ballycroy). I will try emailing, but will also check back here.
Susan Nelson
January 7 @ 10:34pm
Hi Karen! If you haven’t yet, please scroll down on this site & read my long post describing my O’Malley AND Carey families. “Mike” (Harold) is the brother of Jane O’Malley Brown...Mike passed away & Jane is probably about 95 now. Please correspond with me as we were all working together. Mike & Jane have no known Carey in their line, but I do. I do not show up in Mike’s matches...which we were doing to try & figure out my grandfather’s relationship to them (thru me). I will respond to you via your email, but wanted you to know I saw this post now & your email to me, too. Bedtime here soon. Susan Nelson
Karen Lovell
June 27 @ 9:23am
So very sorry to hear of Mike's passing. That is very interesting Susan,My father was born in Bangor Erris. I do have a connection to the Carey family, (Mayo), all my Paternal lines were born in Mayo, so if it helps, please do message,
James Mealey James Mealey
October 9, 2019 @ 10:55pm
James Mealey y67 in ungrouped nobody ever answers my questions on what to do next. Posted in June still waiting for a response from someone
David O'Malley
October 21 @ 8:32pm
James, it seems you and I are both ungrouped. The more people we can get to submit a test, the quicker we can be grouped. What county/are are you from? My O'Malleys in the states were Melia but in the 1850s they were spelled as yours is.
Michael O'Malley
June 22 @ 11:18pm
Don't give up hope. I joined FTDNA in 2008 with the Y12 test that was offered then. I had NO matches at all until around 2017. By then, I was checking this so infrequently that I did not know about the matches until December 2018. But I still did not have a group until May of 2019, when my only other O'Malley match (the rest were named Joyce - that happens too!) submitted a sample.
John O'Malley John O'Malley
May 4 @ 12:43pm
Obviously, having problems with posting. I'll just send to the administrators.
John O'Malley John O'Malley
May 4 @ 12:39pm
[1] John O'Malley, listed as the father of James [2] on James' passport application. [2] James O'Malley b. 16 March, 1859 in Swinford, Co. Mayo. emigrated to the U.
John O'Malley John O'Malley
May 4 @ 12:34pm
Here's what I can tell you: [1] John O'Malley, listed as the father of James [2] on James passport application. [2] James O'Malley, b. 16 March 1859 Swinford,
John O'Malley John O'Malley
May 4 @ 12:28pm
Sorry again. I figured it out. Every time I try to scroll down a line it automatically posts. Here we go again. Sent in my Y-37 test.
John O'Malley John O'Malley
May 4 @ 12:25pm
Sorry, didn't mean to post until I finished. I don't know why my computer is so sensitive.
John O'Malley John O'Malley
May 4 @ 12:23pm
John O'Malley John O'Malley
May 4 @ 12:22pm