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James Mealey James Mealey has a question!
January 16, 2018 @ 6:12pm
Could someone please tell me what to do next. I had y67 on my paternal Mealey line and the results came in today I M223
michael meally
February 19, 2018 @ 12:09pm
that's the one i done James ... i am 94 percent Ireland and some Viking DNA . Michael Meally .
michael meally
April 19 @ 4:08am
Also Names I don't see your name on the Family Tree DNA website .
michael meally
April 19 @ 4:21am
James not Names ,my fingers too big for the screen .
Kacie Omailey Kacie Omailey
February 4, 2018 @ 11:12am
Hi All! I married an O'Mailey and my son is an O'Mailey! I am in Rochester, NY. I can be found on at kacielorraine and feel free to email me at The farthest I have traced back the O'Mailey name so far is to David Owen O'Mailey/Mailey (B: 4 Mar 1886 in Ireland D: 24 Aug 1930 in Rochester, New York) with a possible father named Hugh. I of course hope to go much farther back! We have yet to do DNA testing, but plan to!
michael meally
February 19, 2018 @ 12:03pm
i have gone back to 1991 to John Mealey a GGGG grandfather of mine . The Name was originally O' Malley they came from Scotland in 11 century to Ireland , the Name spelling changed during the plantation by the British in 1366 and 1615 as anyone with an Irish sounding name had to change it to allow them to work under BRITISH RULE . it became Maley Malley Mealy and finally Meally and there you have it , bye now Michael Meally .
michael meally
February 19, 2018 @ 12:11pm
i am also 94 percent Ireland in my DNA and some Viking DNA also
michael meally
April 19 @ 4:05am
The date in the first sentence above should say 1791 , typing error . Michael Meally.
Christine (Mailhot) Nordstrom Christine (Mailhot) Nordstrom
April 2 @ 12:26pm
I have a number of O'Malley DNA matches across several DNA testing companies, but I couldn't find an O'Malley ancestor. That may have changed. Ancestry "Thrulines" has found a possible O'Malley 4th great grandmother. It's not a "slam dunk", but Its the best lead so far!
michael meally
April 11 @ 3:43pm
Try modern spelling of the name O' Malley, ie Malley - Maley - Mealey - Mealy - Meally .Sender Michael Meally .
Tara Carley Tara Carley
March 26 @ 1:04pm
I am on under Tara Carley. I am the Last of my line of O'malley's, just looking for some help...Thank you
Tara Carley Tara Carley
March 26 @ 1:00pm
Good Morning new to the group ; My Heritage lines up as followed (oldest first)1 Thos (Thomas) J. Omalley (B)1761+or- to (D) 1848+or- Married to Mary M.McHugh (B)1788 +or- (D) 1836 +or- (they lived in mayo we believe) Possible two sons one Patrick (May have a different mother as to say ,He was a half brother )& Thomas.... Thomas(son of above) J.O'malley (B)1828 Mayo co.(D)1916 Seattle,wa united states (This is my 2 grandfather) It is believed He left after father death 1848 because, He married Bridgett agnes Gaughan (B)1833(D)1885 (Marriage 1850 in Marion virginia aka now WV,united states. I have all
Lauren O’Malley Dean Lauren O’Malley Dean
March 24 @ 1:54pm
Hi I’m new to the group, my heritage is as follows (oldest first): 1) Thomas MELLY b bef 1827 Unknown spouse or death 2) William MELLEY ... b 1847 I believe in Donegal, m 1879 to Bridget GILLESPIE in Donegal, d 6 Nov 1915 3) William O’MALLEY ... b 1888 in Dunkineely Donegal, m unknown year to Margaret BRESLIN 4) Thomas O’MALLEY … b 6 Jan 1915 in Donegal, m Teresa SWEENEY in Kettering England, d Kettering England 5) Liam O’MALLEY ... b Kettering England, m Sheralyn CULL in Kettering Your email address: DNA Kits: Ancestry DNA test Link to online tree:
William Hodges William Hodges
January 10 @ 4:50pm
I handle my husbands DNA kits. He has tested Y-DNA 111 and R1b - M222 SNP Pack His haplogroup started at M-269 and as he upgraded he went to M-222 and finally after the SNP Pack he is now R-DF105 There appears to be a NPE around the 1850's which came as a shock. He has no matches to any Hodges in the Hodges Project and his highest matches are O'Malley. A little background. His supposed ggg grandparents George and Hannah Hodges arrived in Australia as convicts and went on to have a large family. I began to notice on Ancestry that he had no matches with any of their descendants. It wasn't until one of their 'grandsons' called Henry that the matches began. Henry was my husband's great grandfather. A match came up on Ancestry 33 cM across 4 segments which means we could share ggg grandparents and in her tree are O'Malley's. He was lucky enough to find a second cousin that tested that also descends from Henry and he too has the same match, in fact all descendants of Henry that have come up match with this O'Malley family. So my questions are; Do you think I'm on the right track in thinking he is an O'Malley? If so could you tell me a little about his branch? Thank you Jenny
Ian O' Malley
February 22 @ 6:55pm
Hi Jenny
Ian O' Malley
February 22 @ 7:00pm
I am one of those close matches. My ancestor John Malay was a convict and was convicted at the Old Bailey. He was transported to Van Diemens Land in 1830 and lived in Westbury, Tasmania. My closest match is with Dick O'Malley from the US whose ancestors came from Kinnadoohy in Ireland. Where did the Hodges live in Australia?
William Hodges
February 25 @ 9:34am
Hi Ian, three brothers were born between 1802 and 1810 at Fermoy, Co. Mayo, Ireland and were they tried at Mayo in 1833. The one I feel is my husbands likely ancestor ended up at Bathurst NSW. Thanks for your reply Jenny
Harold "Mike" O'Malley Harold "Mike" O'Malley
August 11, 2017 @ 6:44pm
Hello! I have just now placed Harold "Mike" Clifton O'Malley in the O'Malley project group. His sister, Jane O'Malley Brown, is actually the one registered with her email at FTDNA. I had asked them to do the Y test for me as my mother is an O'Malley. I also have my mother's 1st cousin, Fred O'Malley, already registered with the O'Malley project. We are from 2 different O'Malley families--both in Kansas for several generations. We believe we are related because of a group photo from the 1950's following a funeral with members from both families in the same photo. Obviously THEY knew they were related, but none of us have discovered how. My mom & Fred's families grew up in one county, and Jane & Mike's family grew up in a neighboring county. Each of the families have done a lot of old fashioned genealogy research, and with no luck tying them together. We go back to about 1850 on the O'Malley lines. Jane has asked me for my help--large learning curve concerning how best to use DNA results--so you can contact me thru my email: and you will reach Susan Foster Nelson. Thanks!
Harold "Mike" O'Malley
August 11, 2017 @ 6:51pm
According to Jane O'Malley Brown, the furthest back O'Malley known to her is: Anton O'Malley, b c 1800-1826 in Co Mayo IRE. Her brother's kit # is 436483. Posted by Susan Foster Nelson.
Dominic O'Ceallaigh Basher
January 29 @ 4:01pm
Harold is one of only two matches I have in this project (although my maternal Granny was an O'Malley from near Newport, Mayo). My earliest known O'Malley ancestor is Michael O'Malley (died 1820) who was married to Ann Reilly (or Riley). Their descendants lived somewhere between Westport and Newport (possibly at least one family on an island off this side of Clew Bay) and many later emigrated to America. (Just found this project so have not yet posted the ancestral info requested).
Robert Welch Robert Welch has a question!
January 3 @ 12:48pm
By joining this group and sharing my test number does Family Tree DNA automatically access my data or am I required to plug it into some sort of form for sharing?
Robert Welch Robert Welch
January 3 @ 12:21pm
Hello O'Malley "Cousins"
Robert Welch
January 3 @ 12:27pm
My Y-DNA initial test results are in. Test kit 877125. My sister Mary Welch Ferreter (Ferriter) is our family's genealogist and asked me to provide my Y-DNA to help fill in gaps and connect more "tree" branches. I spent the month of July, 2018 in Western Ireland, concentrating in the County Mayo, Clare Island, Achill Island, Westport, and all around Clew Bay; photographing headstones and learning more about our ancestral roots. The family tree my sister was so far able to build includes over 50 Irish surnames and takes us back into the 1700s.
Robert Welch
January 3 @ 12:46pm
Our connections are: Patrick O'Malley married to Mary Stanton, Westport, Co. Mayo; father to Michael O'Malley b. 1 August 1787, in Westport, Co. Mayo, Ireland and d. 25 July 1854, Township of Westport, Dane County, Wisconsin, USA. Immigrated to Wisconsin through Milwaukee via Quebec, Canada in 1845. Michael was married to Mary O'Neil, daughter to Martin and Hannah (Fadden) O'Neil, of Westport, Co. Mayo, Ireland. Michael's eldest son was Thomas O'Malley, b. 12 January 1815, in Westport, Co. Mayo, Ireland. The first meeting of the newly established Township of Westport (named for the village of Westport, Ireland), was held in Michael's farmhouse where he was elected the first chairman of the Board of Supervisors and also elected as one of the original "fence viewers" or an early surveyor helping to determine property lines upon the settlement of additional family members and neighbors. By 1860, several O'Malley families had sizable farms in and around the village of Waunakee, where they owned almost 4 square miles of dairy and grain farms. I have also joined the Walsh Project to share in that branch of our family.