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Mary-Jane McCabe Mary-Jane McCabe
January 14 @ 5:45pm
Hello--My name is Mary-Jane (Janie) McCabe and I would like to share some basic family history of my O'Malley line. The oldest relative I could find was Ann Staunton born in 1839 who is my Great-Great Grandmother.She married William Mitchell (1823-1870) on November 20, in 1852 in Annagh Mayo, Ireland. They had four children: Mary born in 1854 (my Great Grandmother) in Ballyhaunis Mayo. Edward born 1870 in Churchpark Ballyhaunis Augustine born August 7, 1869 and Michael born 1879 in Churchpark Ballyhaunis. Michael died January 1946 in Rotherham Yorkshire England at age 75.William SR died at age 47 in Ballyhaunis. His widow, Ann Staunton lived at Chrurchpark Ballyhaunis in 1911 she was 72 years old and resided with her son Edward Mitchell who was 34 years old.
Mary-Jane McCabe
January 14 @ 5:57pm
To continue: Mary Mitchell married Stephen O'Malley on October 4, 1875 in Annagh Mayo --they had four children : Michael born September 20, 1876, Thomas born October2, 1879, Anne Teresa born October 8, 1882 (my maternal Grandmother) Patrick baptized October 1886, Mary Ellen born July 19, 1894 both Anne and Mary Ellen emigrated to Hartford, CT USA in the early part of the 20th century. I have not been able to find any information on the 3 brothers. My Grandmother Anne T O'Malley married Edward Joseph O'Malley from Gort Galway in February 1914 in Hartford CT. They had 2 children Edward and Mary Veronica O'Malley McCabe -my Mother who died July 19 2007. I have one first cousin left the son on Edward--I just did a yDNA test on Robert O'Malley and hope to post additional information. Best wishes to everyone --grateful for the opportunity to find this valuable site
Joseph OMelia Joseph OMelia
January 13 @ 3:25pm
What little I know about the O'Melia's My Grandfather was Joseph Henry O'Melia and My Father Joseph O'Melia Griffith's Vaulation - lists 43 O'Melia's all on Achill island county Mayo Bradford England James O'Melia James O'Melia (Ireland 1838 abt ) spouse Anne Herson (Ireland 1842 abt) Children Michael (1860-1907) Mary Ellen (1863-) Thomas J (1864-1939) Edward A (1871-) Sarah A. (1873-) Margaret (1875-) Annie Mary (1878-) Joseph Henry (1880-) Mary Agnes (1882-) Catherine Winifred (1883-) Aston Delaware County Pennsylvania Joseph Henry O'Melia (1880-1956) spouse Mary Fraancis Simpson (1877-1967)
Harold "Mike" O'Malley Harold "Mike" O'Malley
August 11, 2017 @ 6:44pm
Hello! I have just now placed Harold "Mike" Clifton O'Malley in the O'Malley project group. His sister, Jane O'Malley Brown, is actually the one registered with her email at FTDNA. I had asked them to do the Y test for me as my mother is an O'Malley. I also have my mother's 1st cousin, Fred O'Malley, already registered with the O'Malley project. We are from 2 different O'Malley families--both in Kansas for several generations. We believe we are related because of a group photo from the 1950's following a funeral with members from both families in the same photo. Obviously THEY knew they were related, but none of us have discovered how. My mom & Fred's families grew up in one county, and Jane & Mike's family grew up in a neighboring county. Each of the families have done a lot of old fashioned genealogy research, and with no luck tying them together. We go back to about 1850 on the O'Malley lines. Jane has asked me for my help--large learning curve concerning how best to use DNA results--so you can contact me thru my email: opksmom@swbell.net and you will reach Susan Foster Nelson. Thanks!
Harold "Mike" O'Malley
August 11, 2017 @ 6:51pm
According to Jane O'Malley Brown, the furthest back O'Malley known to her is: Anton O'Malley, b c 1800-1826 in Co Mayo IRE. Her brother's kit # is 436483. Posted by Susan Foster Nelson.
Dominic O'Ceallaigh Basher
January 29, 2019 @ 4:01pm
Harold is one of only two matches I have in this project (although my maternal Granny was an O'Malley from near Newport, Mayo). My earliest known O'Malley ancestor is Michael O'Malley (died 1820) who was married to Ann Reilly (or Riley). Their descendants lived somewhere between Westport and Newport (possibly at least one family on an island off this side of Clew Bay) and many later emigrated to America. (Just found this project so have not yet posted the ancestral info requested).
Karen Lovell
January 7 @ 6:13pm
Hi I match Harold quite highly,This is on my Father's County Mayo side (Bangor, Ballycroy). I will try emailing, but will also check back here.
Susan Nelson
January 7 @ 10:34pm
Hi Karen! If you haven’t yet, please scroll down on this site & read my long post describing my O’Malley AND Carey families. “Mike” (Harold) is the brother of Jane O’Malley Brown...Mike passed away & Jane is probably about 95 now. Please correspond with me as we were all working together. Mike & Jane have no known Carey in their line, but I do. I do not show up in Mike’s matches...which we were doing to try & figure out my grandfather’s relationship to them (thru me). I will respond to you via your email, but wanted you to know I saw this post now & your email to me, too. Bedtime here soon. Susan Nelson
Carole Burris Carole Burris
January 5 @ 2:05pm
Hello All, Thanks for taking me in! I hope this is right format Patrick O'Malley 1823–1893 BIRTH 1823 • Louisburgh, Ireland DEATH 11 JUN 1893 • Roscahill Townland, Co. Mayo, Ireland? 2nd great-grandfather Married - Honora MacNalley 1826–1905 BIRTH ABT 1826 • Lewisburg, Mayo, Ireland DEATH 1 JUN 1905 • Lowell, Massachusetts, USA 2nd great-grandmother Daughter - Bridget E O'Malley 1855–1903 BIRTH 08 FEB 1855 • Ireland or Midlothian, Scotland? DEATH 3 OCTOBER 1903 • New Haven, New Haven, Connecticut, USA great-grandmother Married James Devine 1853–1902 BIRTH APR 1853 • County Caven, Ireland DEATH 27 OCT 1902 • New Haven County, Connecticut, USA great-grandfather Son - Edward Patrick Devine 1883–1960 BIRTH 29JUN 1883 • New Haven, Connecticut, USA DEATH 30 APR 1960 • New Haven, New Haven, Connecticut, USA maternal grandfather Olive Veronica Devine 1921–2009 BIRTH APRIL 11 , 1921 • New Haven, New Haven County, Connecticut, USA DEATH 22 MAR 2009 • Troy (Oakland County), Oakland County, Michigan, USA mother CGB CarolegraceATgmail.com Kit: 9244 Link to Ancestry: https://www.ancestry.com/family-tree/person/tree/28734209/person/12091750826/facts
Francis Minnehan Francis Minnehan
November 24 @ 12:34pm
Hi, I’m Susan Minnehan, wife of Francis (Fran) and thanks for allowing us to join your group. Fran has several O’Malley autosomal dna matches so I thought joining this group might be helpful to us (and possibly some of you) in learning the connection. I believe some of his matches are members of this group. From the research I’ve been able to do it appears several of his O’Malley matches descend from Michael O’Malley born about 1770 in Maddaboy, Murroe, Limerick, Ireland. Unfortunately we have no idea if the connection is from his great grandfather John Minihan born about 1820 in Limerick or Tipperary or his great grandmother Mary Larner, also born about 1820. We’re not positive where in Ireland she was from but think it may also be Limerick/Tipperary. So if anyone matches Francis Minnehan on the various testing sites we’d love to hear from you! Thanks for reading this.
Annette Morrow Annette Morrow has a question!
May 22 @ 6:56am
Hello friends and possible family members. I am new on here SO I am not familiar with Family Tree and how to use it, or DNA. Help me please somebody? I am very familiar with Ancestry and have an extensive tree there. My DNA details are on this site (uploaded by a distant O’Malley cousin) and my uncles' DNA is here too - he is a direct line male O'Malley or Meally [Ben Patrick O'Malley T685766 & me A309356]. We are in NSW Australia. Our ancestors came to Australia in 1842 as free settlers both of them. According to the shipping records, both Dominic b 1817 and Catherine b 1819 were named Meally and it was her maiden name too. I do not have details of exactly where they were born in Co Mayo unfortunately or when they were married. I have naming patterns of their 10 children only, as well as partially filled details of their death certificates in NSW Australia which stated Dominick’s father was John O’Malley and his mother was a Nolan. Catherine’s father was also a John. They could have been second cousins perhaps. Direct male line is John Meally b about 1790s Co Mayo RC possibly married a Nolan girl Dominick Meally b about 1817 Co Mayo labourer RC married Catherine Meally John Meally b 1849 Portland Vic Australia married Mary Ann Brennan NSW 1872 Benjamin Patrick O’Malley b 1898 NSW married Adelaide KEEP NSW 1922 Benjamin Patrick O’Malley b 1934 NSW (Sibling Joyce M O’Malley b1922 my mother)
Mary-Jane McCabe
November 21 @ 7:14pm
Annette--Just got my results--need a good night's rest and xtra coffee to understand the results and how I can apply them to my family tree I am a U5a2b
Mary-Jane McCabe
November 21 @ 7:14pm
just thought I would let you know that info--best to you
William Hodges William Hodges
January 10, 2019 @ 4:50pm
I handle my husbands DNA kits. He has tested Y-DNA 111 and R1b - M222 SNP Pack His haplogroup started at M-269 and as he upgraded he went to M-222 and finally after the SNP Pack he is now R-DF105 There appears to be a NPE around the 1850's which came as a shock. He has no matches to any Hodges in the Hodges Project and his highest matches are O'Malley. A little background. His supposed ggg grandparents George and Hannah Hodges arrived in Australia as convicts and went on to have a large family. I began to notice on Ancestry that he had no matches with any of their descendants. It wasn't until one of their 'grandsons' called Henry that the matches began. Henry was my husband's great grandfather. A match came up on Ancestry 33 cM across 4 segments which means we could share ggg grandparents and in her tree are O'Malley's. He was lucky enough to find a second cousin that tested that also descends from Henry and he too has the same match, in fact all descendants of Henry that have come up match with this O'Malley family. So my questions are; Do you think I'm on the right track in thinking he is an O'Malley? If so could you tell me a little about his branch? Thank you Jenny
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Ian O'Malley
February 22, 2019 @ 7:00pm
I am one of those close matches. My ancestor John Malay was a convict and was convicted at the Old Bailey. He was transported to Van Diemens Land in 1830 and lived in Westbury, Tasmania. My closest match is with Dick O'Malley from the US whose ancestors came from Kinnadoohy in Ireland. Where did the Hodges live in Australia?
William Hodges
February 25, 2019 @ 9:34am
Hi Ian, three brothers were born between 1802 and 1810 at Fermoy, Co. Mayo, Ireland and were they tried at Mayo in 1833. The one I feel is my husbands likely ancestor ended up at Bathurst NSW. Thanks for your reply Jenny
John Melia
June 20 @ 3:22pm
I am genetically related to william hodges and and john malay who was transported. my great grandfather was John Melia born in Liverpool in 1852 (circa) and his father (Patrick?) Melia emigrated from Westport, Mayo during the Hunger. .But the matches are clear. I am R-DF 105 according to most recent analysis from my upload from 23&Me. But we shipped to the USA. Hectic times
William Hodges
November 8 @ 6:59pm
Hi John, I'm also the same R-DF 105
James Mealey James Mealey has a question!
June 22 @ 11:21pm
Hello I am working on my direct paternal Mealey line. I manage my cousins y67 results. James Mealey -Living James Mealey-Living James Norman Mealey b.2 April 1947 Beverly Mass, d.14 Oct 1983 Salem Mass George John Mealey b. 30 March 1923 Peabody Mass. d.6 Feb. 1984 George William Mealey b. 9 Nov.1901 Peabody Mass. d. Nov.1965 Beverly Mass William R. Mealey b. 1872 Lowell Mass d.1940 Salem Mass. Micheal Mealey b. abt. 1839 PEI/Newfoundland d. 24 Nov. 1894 Lowell Mass. Lawrence Alonzo Mealey b.1800 Dunley Parish County Carlow Irish Free State d.1853 Lowell Mass. I am wondering where to go from here? What would be the next step or test to confirm my research? Any help would be greatly appreciated Thank You Donna Jean Tester Kit #691783 l-M223 James Mealey
David O'Malley
October 21 @ 8:43pm
Have you tried the census records and/or baptism records from County Carlow?
James Mealey James Mealey
October 9 @ 10:55pm
James Mealey y67 in ungrouped nobody ever answers my questions on what to do next. Posted in June still waiting for a response from someone
David O'Malley
October 21 @ 8:32pm
James, it seems you and I are both ungrouped. The more people we can get to submit a test, the quicker we can be grouped. What county/are are you from? My O'Malleys in the states were Melia but in the 1850s they were spelled as yours is.
Michael Farrell Michael Farrell
July 2 @ 12:49pm
We are new to this group. My brother Michael Farrell Jr. results are included. We have a strangely low number of Farrell's on his match list. We ran the match list through Tyrone Bowes analysis and his results determined that our time as Farrell's has been relatively short. About 1/3 of those on the match list are O'Malley's or some variation. Here is what the report said: "We have pinpointed your Irish origenes to be the O'Malley family from Maddyboy, County Limerick, Ireland. " Now I just have to figure out how we jumped to Farrell...adoption perhaps. I understand that these origins are estimated to be about 1000 years ago. Our written Farrell records begin about 1825 in Buffalo, NY. It would be a great help if anyone knows of a Farrell-O'Malley relationship. I'm going to look for some Farrell's in Limerick now. I have about 800 years of mystery to solve. The switch could have happened a long time ago....
Michael Farrell
October 1 @ 8:56am
I'm pretty certain our ancestors were Patrick and Bridget (McCormick) Farrell of County Limerick, circa 1810.