O'Brien Surname Project

"There's a little bit of Irish in all of us" - But are you an O'Brien?
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About us

The main goals of the O'BRIEN Surname Project is:

1) To distinguish between the various O'BRIEN ancestral lines, worldwide. This covers any reasonable spelling variations.
2) By using the modern DNA profiles, especially the development of sophisticated SNP’s, to try and build links between all the families, despite the spelling variation, and see how this proud Irish name has changed and moved around the world.
3) To "cast the net widely"; by asking participants to allow their results to be made available to all other participants.
4) Also encourage participants and to join the Ysearch program.
5) To ask participants to upload their GEDCOM* so that links and research can be made.

If we all join in and follow the above goals, we may all be in for some surprises with regard to where our families come from and where we all connect.

* GEDCOM is a data file created by all Family Tree Software products, sharing your male direct-line ancestry either in the form of a pedigree or, preferably,as family group sheets, allows the maximum change of getting meaningful results.