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If I have a very close STR Marker match, does that mean we are closely related?

It may, but not necessarily. Persons with the same terminal SNP are more closely related than those with a different terminal SNP, even if you have a close STR marker match to someone with another terminal SNP.

Why should I consider a Big-Y Test?

The Big-Y test for a R-L226 man will check all the terminal SNPs for the Cluster AND provide you with a list of 'private' SNPs, those that have occurred in your ancestral line since your line left the R-L226 Tree.   As others test Big-Y, you may find that another person may share one or several of your 'private' SNPs, and so define a further branch in the tree.

Should I order the Z253 Plate to learn more about my terminal SNP?

If you have taken the Big-Y test, then no, all the SNPs in the Z253 plate have been tested for you in Big-Y.
If you have NOT tested Big-Y then yes, the Z253 plate is a very economical way to find your terminal SNP.

Why should I order the L226 SNP pack?

This SNP pack has been especially designed to allow all L226 members to find their correct Haplogroup since the addition of many new lower level SNP's.