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Timothy OBrien Timothy OBrien has a question!
January 6 @ 4:53am
Any O'Briens here who had their relatives come to the Philadelphia area in the mid-to late 1800s?
January 7 @ 4:50am
not mine ...
James O'Brien
January 9 @ 9:27am
Not Philly but a possible Westmoreland connection through a marriage with a McCort family
Tom O’Brien
Yesterday at 2:34pm
Hi Timothy, my great grand aunt emigrated to Philadelphia in 1880. She was from Roscommon. Where are your family from?
Mark Ó Brien
8 hours ago
Yes, but late 1890s and early 1900s from Pittsfield Mass.
Ruairi Powell Ruairi Powell has a question!
January 6 @ 7:26am
Hi Folks, would anybody have any idea of the relationship of a Y dna 12 marker match at genetic distance 0 and 1 as i have a 'substantial' amount of O Brien matches at this level and dont really know why???.thanks in advance. my kit no: 592769
Terry McMahon
January 8 @ 5:02am
GOOD LUCK Ruairi ... look forward to reading more of your developments re family connections ... and of course for pure research purposes of Y history and lineage, then Dennis is totally correct
Ruairi Powell
January 9 @ 7:10am
One thing is for sure; there's a lot of O Briens from Clare in my Y 12 marker matches! slainte..Ruairi.
Michael Crow
January 9 @ 4:46pm
Clare is one of the places that a lot of O'Brien's came from, as well as there a whole lot of people in the L226 subclade. But your match at 12 could just be happenstance, and you're placed someplace else, but with the clare history, it is possible, but as others have said, you'll need more testing. I just took a look at the L226 group last name list, unfortunately no Powell, but that wouldn't preclude a NPE event. Good luck, best wishes!
Ruairi Powell
January 17 @ 4:35am
Thankyou..interesting response, best rgrds.
Warren Henry Warren Henry
December 10 @ 10:14pm
I am a Henry but Just joined the OBrien group as I had an interesting result from my FTDNA Y-DNA test. I had an OBrien match on 37 out of 37 markers with no deviations and the same person again matching 66 out of 67 markers with just the one deviation. The nearest Henry surname match was 4 deviations away. I have documented records of the Henry’s back to the 1830’s from a hamlet called Montober (sometimes spelt Muntober) west of Cookstown in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland. The Griffith valuations give details of the Henry’s at Montober. My great grandfather, David Henry, emigrated to Australia in 1875. I had always assumed that the Henry’s in Montober were plantation Scottish as they were not Catholic and intermarried with the Glasgow surname family from the neighboring village of Orritor in County Tyrone. They married at the Orritor Presbyterian church. Can anyone shed light on my very close link to an OBrien.
John Richard OBrien
December 11 @ 1:19pm
Warren, when analyzing you and O'Brien/51830 you obviously have similar matches based on your STR markers in the database surrounding Hayes etc . I suspect you both share that history and the question really is......does he share your surname history or do you share his? I suspect neither might be the case for completely different reasons. Obviously, you have likely done some research on your matches and your Henry origins out of Tyrone and what the powerful Sept of the O'Neills stronghold it originated. I suspect your name may have attached to it like most for the power and affiliation of being a Henry. Many maternal surnames were adopted verses the father for these very reasons during these times. The O'Brien you match could be for the same reason or could simply be an NPE as I suspect. The STR analysis of your Y-DNA indicates no clear definitive answer but I suspect you are more likely in the Haplogroup branch of R-DF-13 and likely a subclade with our predictor tool indicating L96 branch the closest signature but only matching that signature at 4 out of 11. I see you recently ordered the M269/M343 SNP Pack and Family Finder. Hopefully a terminal SNP and more recent autosomal matches will give you clues and confirmation to names, times and places beyond what you have already found through your own family history research.
Warren Henry
December 12 @ 3:39am
Thanks for the comments John, most appreciated. I will await the outcome of the SNP Pack test and reconnect with you then (late Jan/ early Feb). Cheers and Merry Christmas.
John Richard OBrien
January 16 @ 8:27am
Warren, I received your lab results. It looks as I suspected, that you are a subclade of L21 > DF13, at a terminal SNP of R-CTS4466. This ancient subclade is also known as South Irish or the Type II Irish Subclade. Like L226 Type III, this Type II Southern Ireland dominated group was discovered by Dr Ken Nordvedt in 2006 before we had a true understanding of SNP’s. Like a historical migration and plantation map of our emerald Islands history, CTS4466 can also be found in Northern Ireland and in Scotland/England. I see you have already joined the R1b-CTS4466 Plus group and that is where you may find deeper information about further testing and discovery. Our O’Brien’ group will continue to monitor for other testers that may come along over time that can further your search. Good luck!!
Ronald Van Gundy Ronald Van Gundy has a question!
January 8 @ 10:34pm
My father died in 1998, he was adopted by the VanGundy's. He was a O'Bryan at birth & I am looking for information on my nearest relative a James valentine O'Bryant Born 1771 in North Carolina Died 1851 Kentucky
Mark O'Bryan
January 9 @ 4:07pm
That it a center for OBryan spelled this way. I have several connects to OBryans and Bryants in this area, and stretching west into Kentucky and Tennessee
Ronald Van Gundy
January 9 @ 11:35pm
Mark, anything that you could send me would be really appreciated. My email is vangundy334@msn.com. I just needed to start somewhere, R-M269 Marker 37
Dennis OBrien
January 10 @ 3:41pm
Hi Ronald I have looked at your Y-DNA marker results. You have a close connection to several members with similar or associated surname spellings. At 37 markers, it is possible one or two of those will be related someway back to your fathers line. As you may have realised your markers indicate you are not L226. But the O'Bryan connection seems to be there.
Ronald Van Gundy
January 10 @ 7:06pm
Dennis, thanks so much for responding to my post. Not sure what all of that means but trying to find something on the O'Bryan/Bryant connection. Thank You for the information you provided!
Collin O'Brien Collin O'Brien has a question!
January 2 @ 8:14pm
My son Collin O'Brien's results, kit 719296, indicates he is possibley not a 'true' O'Brien
John Richard OBrien
January 5 @ 11:09am
Hi Robyn, it appears your son Colin's Y-DNA without a shred of doubt is the same DNA signature of the Horner's Ancestral Y-SNP and is a match for the four Horner men on his Big Y matches. Keep in mind, he matches no O'Brien's in our Y-DNA database at either Y-37, 67 or 111. This means your sons male lineage is the same as their male line lineage. Please keep in mind that does not mean that happened in the near term or was even a recent event but might very well be from centuries ago but only realized today through this test. I would look back at his Family Finder results to confirm it is a deeper ancestry event in time. I would also encourage you to look into joining the Horner group they suggested and explore mutual ancestry specific to the line you match and where they may share geographical history with them.
Sheridan O'Brien
January 5 @ 9:52pm
I am in a similar position to Collin, my Grandfather said he was William Sheridan O'Brien born around 1900 in New York City. No direct O'Brien's have shown up anywhere I care to look. It was common for people starting a new life in a new country to adopt another name. Adoptions after large family's abandoned excess children were also common. My Fathers kit is 628804...same results. Ancestry ethnicity has changed from 56% to 90% Great Britain and from 9 to 5% Irish.
January 7 @ 4:59am
Q, How many participants/testers are in the FTDNA database for OBRIEN/Dal gCais project
Dennis OBrien
January 7 @ 3:23pm
Hi Jane. There are around 100+ people who have the O'Brien or a related surname who are part of the L226 group. there are nearly 1000 people who have the L226 SNP. It should be remembered that the this is an "O'Brien Surname Project" which has been expanded to cover other surnames that are traditionally associated or considered variations of O'Brien.
Dennis OBrien Dennis OBrien
December 28 @ 5:45pm
Dear members I just wanted to wish you all a Happy New Year. 2018 has been very exciting from a DNA point of view. We have made new discoveries, but particularly we have been able to get closer to finding out the SNP relationships for those who are descendants of King Brian, as well as defining other O'Brien sub-groups. I must thank John Richard O'Brien for is assistance and involvement. He has been a big pusher in this project, getting more people involved and answering many of the questions members raise. Again, I do hope 2018 was a good year for you and your family and hope 2019 brings you more opportunities to research your family history and possible connections to other members. Dennis O'
January 7 @ 5:16am
catchin up here ... Happy New year to all at O'Brien surname project
Ruairi Powell
January 7 @ 10:10am
Happy new year!
Garry Bryant Garry Bryant has a question!
January 4 @ 6:35pm
Have a question to throw out to everyone: My FTDNA O'Brien results state that I am L-226 & Y5610; the family story is my 3rd Greant-grandparents, John & Mary O'Bryan left Ireland around 1830 to Canada, and my 2nd Great-grandfather William was born 19 Mar 1836 in Ontario, Canada. Informed by parents that he was to become a Catholic priest he left home around age 16 & ended up in Black Hawk, Colorado in 1862 where he married on 6 Jun 1864. He dropped the "O'" and added "t" to the end of the surname. I say the family surname is O'Bryan, but my wife and eldest son say it is Bryant. My wife won't let me change it back, but I would if I could. What do you all think?
John Richard OBrien
January 5 @ 11:41am
For practical & functional reasons (legal expense, ID change and trouble) changing everyone's name is not probably what your wife and son want to do but I get it.....emotional and viscerally you are a O'Bryan!! Carry that with pride brother knowing your history and kiss your wife and tell Mrs. Garry O'Bryan you love her!!!
Dennis OBrien
January 5 @ 6:07pm
Hi Garry. As you know we have discussed this often over the years. I agree with John the practicalities and costs make it difficult. But we all know your an O'Brien. :)
January 7 @ 5:11am
Hey Dennis O'Brien ... does that also count for females who descend along O'Brien female lines too ? :) ;) ... I'm still on the trail of my Denis McMahon son of Honora O'Brien dau of Michael (William?) O'Brien and nephew of 'Donat Henchy O'Brien RN (Author of his personal account ... The Narrative of Cpt O'Brien (pub1814) ... containing an account of his shipwreck, captivity, and escape from France, after undergoing a series of sufferings which lasted for nearly five years") and all part of the connction for 'Denis (otherwise Donat O'Brien) McMAHON ... from elusive location/s ... via Carrigaholt County Clare ?
Collin O'Brien Collin O'Brien
January 2 @ 8:14pm
Morning from Oz
Dennis OBrien
January 3 @ 4:18pm
i Colin, there are a lot of us from Oz.
Sheridan O'Brien
January 5 @ 9:54pm
True! and even more in the "old country" nowadays! :-)
Joseph O'Brien
January 6 @ 4:45pm
I'll get there, one of these days, God willing and the creeks don't rise!!!
Mark O'Bryan Mark O'Bryan
December 30 @ 1:05pm
After a 4 month wait, just got my first view of Big Y500 results and see it has changed me to R-DC297, will need to look around a bit more to see what this has done for my understanding of this info
Mark O'Bryan
January 4 @ 2:26pm
Wow, this places me in a group of exact or nearly exact names. Good time to do some asking around for connections with this confirmation. So what is it that placed me in the R-M269 group at first with Y111 done, and now with bigY done, I change groups?
Douglas Bryant
January 5 @ 2:19am
I don’t think you “changed” groups; the SNP testing just significantly narrowed your place on the M269 tree. I think the L226 group is a good place to ask questions. It would be cool if we could find the most recent common ancestor for DC297.
John Richard OBrien
January 5 @ 5:43pm
Mark, it is a really a question of resolution of the test now taken (BigY). We now can see what branch in a more recent genealogical time frame where your male line came to be from, which is the Bryant/O'Bryan branch grouping at DC297. Haplogroup R-M269 represents a time period thousands of years ago and tells us you match and descend from a line representing most western European men. Not super helpful on the surface but it gives all of us a direction to start looking for next step, which is SNP testing. After Y-STR testing at the Y-37, 67 and 111 level, we hope to use a modeling tool that uses a binary logistic regression model at 67 markers to try to predict where you are likely to slot once you do Y-SNP or Big Y testing. Your terminal Y-SNP and now "private SNP's" given you have taken the Big Y looks at millions of SNP's and confirms which ones you descend down in the human family Y-tree. Your families male line descend down to the R-DC295 branch where you all share a common male ancestor geological time which likely is in the past 1,000 years.
Dennis OBrien
January 5 @ 6:06pm
Hi Mark and Doug. There is no doubt that you guys along with Elvin and Robert have a shared common ancestor. The problem could be how long ago. Recent research, using the SNP BY5212, has shown that a common SNP can be between 200-700 years ago. However, I suspect your relationship may be a the 200-300 bracket. If I was you, I'd be chatting directly with each other. My "intuition" tells me the common ancestor maybe from the time of US arrival. Discuss religion and any common regions where brothers may have split. Anyway, you are all DNA cousins. Happy hunting
Jan Ubry Jan Ubry has a question!
December 30 @ 6:02am
Hello admins, I am a member of the O'Brien and R-L226 groups. There I have the number 105828. I bought the Family Finder. I got a new set with the number IN38102. Is it possible to add this kit to 105828? Thank you for your reply, Greetings Jan Ubry
Dennis OBrien
December 31 @ 11:15pm
Hi Jan Sorry thats out of my knowledge level. I suspect you need to contact FTDNA and explain to them what has happened. They may be able to unit the results. Best regards
Jan Ubry
January 1 @ 4:15am
Thank you, I'll contact FTDNA. Best regards