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James OBrien James OBrien has a question!
May 12 @ 5:30pm
Hi , Can anyone help me. My Great grand father is the farthest back I can go (james O'Brien b1855 in upstate NY) . His parents were born in Ireland , but I do not have any info. My Kt # is 547368. I am going to Ireland soon and would like a place to start.
Michael Crow
May 20 @ 8:35am
James, there are also a lot of Crows in and around DC134(~30).
John Richard OBrien
May 20 @ 9:55am
Great point Mike and always appreciate your wise input. James has 10 Crowe L226 matches at Y-67 including 2 each at a GD of 3 and 4. He also has a Croke at GD of 2 just downstream at DC373 in 18th century Tipperary….most intriguing! Mike, maybe you can speak to the ancestral lands where they were for James to add some geography perspective to the conversation.
Michael Crow
2 hours ago
My known ancestors go back to SW Va in the late 1700's, we(My sister's and I) are trying to figure out who the tangle of Crow's prior to that, but we've picked the trail back up in Galway with the Crest registered by " (Dromore House, co. Clare; confirmed to Thomas Crowe, Esq., J.P. and D.L., of that place). Ar. on a mount vert an oak tree ppr. a canton gu. charged with an antique Irish Crown or. Crest—On a mount vert an Irish wolf dog ar. collared gu. Motto—Skagh McEnchroe." Thomas's descendant has tested positive for L226 (not entirely sure which Crow it is of the top of my head). Prior to Thomas, it seems to trace back to one of Cas's (b 347) 12 sons. In the states, I've read there were a bunch of half brothers one generation, my 5th ggf John Crow died a year after his Dad James Crow died, James seemed to have some money to his estate, but we haven't figure out how we're connected.
Michael Crow
2 hours ago
If you haven't seen this.... This is the branch I'm on http://www.rcasey.net/DNA/R_L226/Haplotrees/L226_Home.pdf#Page=33
C Barry C Barry
20 hours ago
Do anybody know if there is an Edward Francis O'Brien that did, or will do a DNA test. I see there is a lot of This name in Family Search and some other sites, but I need a live one :-)
Terry McMahon Terry McMahon
May 17 @ 9:20pm
Hello Group Admins- Jane nee mcmahon here for ... 'cousin' Terry McMahon's whose Y111 results have returned ... 2 matches = to Kit with Z16435 now a Genetic distance of '2' and new match to (surname Mahoney) distance '6' ... I am being prompted to complete SNP pack for Z255 ... so I will take up that option too! My paper work trail has also assisted in separating 'links across VERY recent generations!'
Bill O'Brien Bill O'Brien
February 26 @ 3:00pm
Hi John, I think I've now turned on all the right settings for matching etc, Can you have a look at my Results. My Kit No is B245712. On Gedmatch my kit No. is A286034. rgds . . . . Bill
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Bill O'Brien
March 11 @ 1:33pm
Hi John, Thanks for the research and all the info re the L159.2 branch, Z255 and the Irish Sea haplotype. In the last 3 hundred years or so my family of O’Briens have been located on the eastern seaboard of County Wexford in Ireland, on the Irish Sea, and they may have been there for who knows how long. The original people in that area were referred to by the ancient Gaelic term “Macamore”, meaning the “Sons of the Sea”, in English. It’s a line I will now be doing some research on. I’ll consult with the Z255 project, but I’ll be staying with this project for quite a while yet. Thanks again and keep up the good work. Rgds . . . . . Bill
jane van woerkom
March 22 @ 10:13am
This link maybe of interest to you Bill O'Brien ... re Norse/Irish Sea connections ... https://www.academia.edu/13843949/Black_Pool_Hiberno-Norse_identity_in_Viking_Age_and_Early_Medieval_Ireland ...preliminary research publication but interesting.
jane van woerkom
March 22 @ 10:15am
Does anyone know of the marriage of the VIKING daughter of the King to the OBRIEN line from 1100-1200 or a link to information ... ty
John Richard OBrien
May 7 @ 5:02pm
Blll, your Z255 SNP test posted today and as predicted you ended up as a downstream subclade of R-L159 at terminal SNP R-Z16432. Looks like a well tested line with the bulk of the folks downstream of you having Irish origins. I count 16 testers in the Y-Tree at or below Z16422 (dated about 1500 yrs old) so next step might be a BigY if you are so inclined. The idea is to see which branch your family descended down in the past 1500 yrs and what private SNP's tell you over time by placing a "flag in the ground' for future testers.
Keith O'Brien Keith O'Brien
May 2 @ 5:48am
hi guys, just got y37 results and to say i'm blinded by information is an understatement, what should i be looking for or where should i be looking within the results to see where i stand, kit is in62998
Michael Crow
May 2 @ 1:08pm
You can compare your values against the DNA results for the group, that should tell you if you are L226 or not(not sure how many O'Briens are not L226). The L226 Y-37 markers to check are:DYS439,DYS459,DYS449,DYS464,DYS456. Y-67 adds DYS557, and Y-111 add DYS716.
John Richard OBrien
May 6 @ 11:44am
Keith, your kit O'Brien/IN62998 has a scant 7 matches in the entire Y database at 37 markers. It does not match a L226/dalcassian signature and based on Y-STR at 37 it is impossible to tell what branch of M269 your ancestors descended from into Ireland. You may find yourself down the L21 branch but based soley on the rarity of the markers in Ireland and one of the seven matches you have I would venture to guess you might descend from a branch like U-106 which is a ancient Germanic branch that flowed through Britain but that purely speculative. It is fairly well represented in Britain but rare in Ireland. It is thought that Germanic incursions into Britain slowly replaced the Celts populations. You have one O'Brien match at Y-37 at a GD of 4 who descends from Co Meath so something to explore there when it comes to any shared geography. Your next step is Y-67 test and also consider at some point a SNP test for M269. 
Keith O'Brien
May 7 @ 3:50am
thanks John, i could see that it didnt really match up with others, but didnt know what that meant, i am looking into the match in meath, all my o'brien side family are from there as far back as i could go, that match died around the same time as my great great great grandfather so im hoping theres some connection to take me back a bit more
Amanda Bryan Amanda Bryan has a question!
March 30 @ 9:58am
Hello I am very new to all of this and have done an autosomal test with ancestry DNA and just uploaded my data to familytreedna. was both test have me down as 100-percent European which appears connect. The breakdown of my ethnicity is wildy different. With ancestry I have 27% Scotland and Ireland and the rest England Wales and North West Europe. On family tree DNA I have 76% UK and the rest Eastern European. My maiden name is Bryan and on the research that I have been able to do this was changed from O'Brien in the 1860s. I have no siblings and do not know of any male living relatives on my father's side. I am going to continue with my research into family tree and the links back to the O'Briens as I believe we hailed from Cork but have not been able to make the link yet. Unfortunately I have just purchased a mitochondrial DNA test from living DNA as I only found this website after I purchased it. I can't seem to find any breakdown of my DNA on the ancestry or family tree websites. How would I find out if I have any genetic link to the O'Briens and what area they came from in Ireland please.
Deirdre O'Brien
April 13 @ 2:15pm
Your tree is interesting as much that you have many male O'Brien siblings in your male ancestors. What you need to do is expand your tree and add the families of those and you will no doubt eventually make more connections that way. You need to find out for sure the part of Ireland that Patrick and Ann came from. Apart from your own ancestor all his siblings appear to have been born in Ireland so by expanding the tree you may find their county of birth appears on later census records (that is not guaranteed but it is worth a try) You may also connect to a very distant cousin who has researched and found this information (again not a guarantee but it could happen in the future so by expanding the tree outwards its kind of an insurance policy)
Deirdre O'Brien
April 13 @ 2:30pm
Finally it's an absolute must that you upload your raw DNA data to Gedmatch Genesis. This is a free service and I have found it to be invaluable. Also please do send off your DNA test for living DNA. This site is very much in its infancy but has the potential to be very good once more people join. I would also suggest uploading your DNA to My Heritage. This is also free to upload but it costs £35.00 to unlock the tools which are very good and geared towards the novice end of the market so its well worth the one off fee and I do believe its good for unlocking future kits that you may wish to upload. Finally please don't worry about the regional breakdown variations that different sites give. This is not really relevant when doing your research and is very much an aside issue which I have myself encountered and it does not detract from the validity of the DNA matching. Please be patient and I am sure you will eventually connect with someone who will be able to help you discover which branch of the O'Briens you are from
jane van woerkom
April 14 @ 12:32am
Good Luck Amanda Bryan ... Genetic Genealogy research is a great 'jigsaw puzzle hobby' I commenced the journey in earnest about April last year ... and with a hiatus of some 6 moths have returned and all that Deidre has written is insightful sharing and be sure to appreciate the 'novice end of the market' suggestions I have found them a useful backup to the serious DNA research of the projects here at FTDNA ...
Amanda Bryan
May 4 @ 5:42am
Hello Deidre, I have been on a steep learning curve this last few weeks. I am the Amanda Bryan that you found on Ancestry. It might be really helpful if we could connect on there please. I have found further census information that indicates that O'Brien's on my tree were from Cavan but no idea which part yet. Many thanks Amanda
James O'Brien James O'Brien has a question!
April 27 @ 8:26am
It's Nancy - posting for my uncle James O'Brien. We upgraded to Y. Can someone rerun kit 897154? Thanks in advance..
James O'Brien
April 27 @ 8:40am
Disregard - I thought my Y-67 results were completed but just saw pending under results. Will repost request once completed. Thx
James O'Brien
May 3 @ 8:16am
Hey - the Y-67 results for my uncle are in.
Shane OBrien Shane OBrien has a question!
April 13 @ 6:46pm
Hi, I am new to this also, I thought that joining the O'Brien Project my husband's Family Tree Kit No. would show among your O'Brien members' Charts but I can't see it. The data has only come through to FamilyTree last night. Is there a delay catching up with your Project data after that, or am I missing some basic understanding here? I thought I turned the sharing settings on. It was an autosomal test from ancestry and we're excited to see if we do relate to an O'Brien haplogroup as I can't find hard copy pre immigration mid 1800s, which I know isn't unusual:-) Please let me know if I should just be patient or if there is something I need to do to progress this your end. Any help very welcome:-)
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Shane OBrien
April 16 @ 2:52am
Thank you so much for your reply John. I will check I have all the permission opened up, and follow up with a Y-37 or 67:-) in the next few weeks. Kind regards Connie O'Brien
Shane OBrien
April 16 @ 3:29am
Hi John, I found the additional permission settings I'd missed and updated them thanks. I just wanted to ask another question around choosing which Y-DNA kit. I get that the more markers counted 37, 67, 111 the more expensive, but the corresponding generation figure goes down 8, 6, and 4 the more you test and spend. That bit I need to understand more before I choose. I know the last four generations well (husband, his father, g/f and gt g/f) it is the next one gt gt g/f who immigrated from Ireland I'd like to confirm kinship to the Clan and maybe connect to someone who knows from whence we came in the Irish Counties before then. I guess the concern is that there was a bit of name changing happening here as young single men jumped ship in the antipodes. I've every reason to take the family history at face value but hhmmm those O'Brien boys were a slippery bunch. I think we're in difference time zones - good night.
John Richard OBrien
April 23 @ 8:46am
Hi Connie, I would encourage you to do the Y-67 test especially because its the level that most projects analyze to chart folks appropriately. Please do not forget there is a great sale on the test up till 4/25. Yes, the hope is we will clearly know what branch of the family tree your husbands O'Brien's descended from and where they may have lived in the past 500-1000 years. It will likely show surname switch and if we are lucky with his results matching a close relation it may tie to a specific geography.
Shane OBrien
April 24 @ 3:16am
Thanks John. I have bought the Y-67 today for Shane so v excited! Yay the sale. The more I understand the more amazing it gets.
JoAnne O'Brien-Levin JoAnne O'Brien-Levin has a question!
April 19 @ 8:26am
Hi, I upgraded to the YDNA67 test for my brother, Stephen O'Brien. The kit # is 894315. I would appreciate any insights you might provide to help us understand the results. Thank you. :>)
John Richard OBrien
April 23 @ 8:48am
Joanne, I received your email and responded this past weekend so please reach back to discuss.
jane van woerkom jane van woerkom
April 14 @ 12:35am
Hello to all the admins ... Administrators- Dennis OBrien, John Richard OBrien, Co-Administrators, Dennis Wright and Kevin OBrien ... seeing the posts of Shane OB and Amanda Bryan takes me back to the point of my joining this group and the OB surname project - almost 12 months ago. I have been on a steep learning curve ever since, so I write this as a form of explanation as to where I am at now and for the admins understanding.. With some research under my belt I can better understand what I became aware of when there was for some descrepancy in the matching of my Ancestry autosomal DNA and the Ancestry Autosomal DNA results for the Kit I manage for my 'cousin - Terry McMahon'. By using My Heritage and more recently Ancestry THRU LINES tools I have seen how there is likely to have been a 'confusion' in identifying ancestral connections. At a point I realised that the connection for Terry and I, was most likley through my First Fleeter (convicts to Australia connections - for Terry's DNA). This FF'er aspect I discussed with Dennis OB when he rang me last year following the YDNA return of results for Terry McMAHON and his not meeting the criteri for belonging the OB research gp. By uploading results to other projects (similarly suggsted by you Deidre) then the limited Projects I was focussing on has now expanded my pool of connections and I have made progressive steps to compiling an accurate basis for my Genealogy both Genetic and Literal and subsequently for the public record ... the process steps which are enabling confirmation of paperwork trails and oral history (especialy that from my father's words) has kept the FAMILY Tree growing. To this end I have more recently joined the MCNAMARA PROJECT (managed by Paddy Waldron) and the Devon Project where the results have brough together my H1ap links and Terry's YDNA links to the name McNamara-in turn this has opened a window of other connections. So in conclusion I am writing this to this group to indicate I understand why Terry's results did not meet thresholds for Dal Cais etc. Intially I lacked the knowledge to manage FTDNA research procedures nor to fully understand HOW a DNA surface level 'irregularity' ie.Terry McMahonand my mismatch results. So, Deidre OB your advice to work through and start at the 'novice end' and then methodically sift the results numerical along with paper trail evidence back my experience up however it is the best part of the'DNA jigsaw puzzle'. and I gusess the future is going back in time to go forward. Apologies to all for a wordy update. Jane nee McMahon gggrand-daughter of Denis 'otherwise Donat OB (O'Brien) McMahon - a work in progress.