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Myer(s), Meyer(s), Meier(s), Maier(s), Moyer(s)
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About us

MYERS, MEYERS, MEIERS, MOYERS, MYER, MEYER, MEIER, MOYER, MAIER, MAIERS, and any other reasonable spelling variations are welcome to join the project. The goal of this project is to enable MYERS descendants to make connections between different MYERS families, using y-DNA data. While the project is open to all interested MYERS descendants, your kit no. and DNA results will only be grouped on the project results page if you have a MYERS father from whom you have inherited y-DNA, and you have ordered a y-DNA test from FTDNA. We strongly encourage all other MYERS descendants to invite a patrilineal MYERS relative (i.e. someone who has inherited y-DNA from their MYERS father) to submit a y-DNA test to represent their family. If you would like to join the project, please provide details of your known MYERS ancestry when you submit your request. This should include the name, and date and place of birth, of ancestors in your direct line back to your earliest known MYERS ancestor. These details will not be published on the project page, but will help us to put you in touch with any other descendants who may be connected with the same family. Several separate projects are currently operating within the MYERS project, and we are seeking MYERS descendants who would be willing to consider participating in DNA testing. We would be very glad to hear from direct patrilineal descendants of : - Baschi MEYER (b.c.1592 Luzerne - d.c.1640, Stallikon, Switzerland) and m. Ottilla MUELLER - Nicholas MYERS (b.c.1740 Berks, PA - d.c.1808 Juniata, PA) and m. Hannah EICHELBERGER - David MYERS (b.c.1778 York, PA - d.c.1840 Washington, IN) and m. Mary BRADLEY - Willem / William Mayer (b.c.1724 Switzerland or Germany - d.1760 Bedminster, Bucks, PA) and m. Elizabeth WISMER