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About us

Privacy of individual participants, and information about their parents which might be passed to the Project coordinator, is very tightly controlled, and there should be no concern in this regard over personal information security. DNA markers utilized in these genealogical tests contain no personally identifiable information that would have interest or relevance outside the Project.

Tabular DNA marker identifiers of various project participants can be accessed by clicking on the appropriate 'Results' button above. Results are differentiated by each participant's test kit number, and provide brief information on each participant's most distantly identifiable ancestor (as determined through paper document research). Wherever possible, results from two or more participants are grouped together when their DNA code suggests the possibility of a common ancestor.

An expanded format for presenting both yDNA and mtDNA results is in the works.....

If you have questions about any of the results found within this Project, or any other aspect of our work, please contact the Project coordinator, Bruce Murduck, through murduck@one-name.org.