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About us

Within The Murdock (and variations) Family Tree & DNA Linkage Project, we hope to discover who might be genetically related to whom, which will in turn help confirm or transform paper-based research initiatives. It's our hope that we can, at least...

        - validate family history knowledge founded on paper based research;

        - bridge gaps in surviving paper records;

        - potentially sort out same surname families residing in the same general location;

        - obtain broader views of family relationships and migrations across longer periods of time;

        - begin to formulate more accurate and conclusive descriptions about the evolution and origins of the surname in all its variant forms.

Participating will provide an opportunity to discover information not discernible through research in paper records alone.

Y DNA test results provide facts about a male's direct ancestral male line, and would be virtually identical for himself, his father, his grandfather, his great-grandfather, and so on, back through time (some variation is to be expected, in selected markers, and should not be treated with alarm).

mtDNA test results for both males and females would provide information about their direct ancestral female line - their mother, their mother's mother, their mother's grandmother, and so on, back through time along the female line. Both men and women inherit mtDNA, although only women pass it on (men inherit only their mother's mtDNA, but do not pass it on to their children).

To order your test kit now, click on the 'Join Request' link in the blue menu bar at the top of this page. Then click on 'New Member Order' in the bottom right column, and proceed as prompted. Thank you for your interest, and (hopefully) your active participation.

If you have any questions about any aspect of our Project...,
... ... ... please contact the Project coordinator, Bruce Murduck, through