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Recent analysis of the evolution of SNP Z156 (downstream clade of U106) indicates an origin of the Rhine Valley Basin circa 2750 years ago, with that clade specifically identified as Z156* and it's downstream clade S5520plus Z304.  Subclades FGC11662, 672, 674 are exclusive to Ireland and descendant Scot lines.    Mistakenly clustered earlier with Z8 Frisian, this Z156 snp and sub clade S5520 (chromo2) is well upstream, forming part of the earliest Celtic and Germanic migrations along with I2a that entered Ireland well before the Normans.

This cluster in Ireland is associated with the Leinster Laigin, the Gaileanga (Gailioin) and early tribes of Brega in Co Meath /"Mac Mic Maolain" Lord of the Gaileanga Brega.