Mac Maolain
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About us

This DNA project was created to provide a location where those with the surname Mullan, Mullen, Mullin, and McMullen variants of Irish descent can compare Y-DNA results for the purpose of evaluating their paternal DNA line and Irish surname variant they descend from.

Additionally this project serves as a gathering point for research of Irish tested individuals subclade Z156*>S5520 (chromo2), Z304, FGC11662, FGC11672, FGC11674, FGC14326, R-A5396, R-A5402, R-A5406, R-S8546, R-A5397 and descending clades.

Historically and genetically related Irish surnames Boylan, Callanan, Clarke, Coleman, Egan, Hennis, Hughes, Kavanagh, Keane, Kelley, Kennedy, Lohan, Logan, Lowry, McCoy, McCouey, McKee, McKoy, Madden, McLaughlin-Loughlin, More. Moore, Neely, Pelan, Smith/Smyth and Traynor are welcome as well.