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About us

Our project objective is to consolidate the various Mullan/Mullen/Mullin/Moylan/McMullen/McMullan/McMullin/MacMullen surname variants with DNA test results for lineages of Irish descent Additionally topographic Irish surnames Mac Aohda (McCoy, Hughes) Treinfher (Traynor), Leochain (Lohan, Logan, Loughan), Lorchain (Larkin, Lawrence), Mhorda (Moore) Smith/Smyth (Mac An Ghabhain) are welcome to join our project, including any Irish testing Z156*, Z304. 307, S5520, M7033 (chromo2), FGC11662 (full genomes), FGC11672, FGC11674, FGC14326, R-F190, R-A5396, R-A5397, R-A5402, R-A5406, R-S8546, FGC14321