H4 mtGenome

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About us

The goals of this project are to:

  • Discover information which may give pointers in family history research problems.
  • Help each other where problems and brick walls are similar.
  • Predict new subclades of H4 within the project by sharing our DNA mutations. They may later become added to the scientific mtDNA haplotree.
  • Encourage each other to upload our mutations to GenBank, so we become part of this advance of science in the mtDNA tree.
  • Explore the geographic patterns of each subclade, and as we each bring a piece of the jigsaw into the picture to determine if we can get a fuller picture of the migration of our female ancestors which creates today’s distribution.
  • Study the fields of archaeology, history and linguistics in addition to paleogenetics to broaden our knowledge and understand where and when our distant ancestors travelled.