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Welcome to the H1 mtDNA Full Genomic Sequence (mtGenome) Project.

Mitochondrial 'Eve' Emerged 151,600 to 233,600 years ago Hg-H1 TMRCA 10,000 BP

Unlike other branches of the mega-haplogroup H, the defining mutation for H1 (3010A) has likely happened many times in the history of H. This recurrent nature of H1 adds an extra layer of complexity to understanding our direct maternal origins within H1 and its sub-branches.

H1 encompasses an important fraction of Western European mtDNA, reaching its local peak among contemporary Basques  and appearing at a high frequency among other Iberians and North Africans. Its frequency is above 10% in many other parts of Europe (France, Sardinia, British Isles, Alps, large portions of Eastern Europe), and above 5% in nearly all the continent. Its subclade H1b is most common in eastern Europe and NW Siberia.] So far, the highest frequency of H1 - 61%- has been found among the Tuareg of the Fezzan region in .Libya.

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