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This is the H1 mtDNA Full Genomic Sequence (mtGenome) Project. If you have a full sequence, could you please check your account to make sure the admins can view your Coding Region data: To make these changes in your account you need to go to your 'Privacy Settings' To help simplify this for you, use the following link which will prompt you to log in and then take you directly to this tab after you log into your account. https://my.familytreedna.com/privacy-sharing.aspx (You should now be in your 'Privacy and Sharing' tab.) Go to 'Who can see me in project member lists?' and select ‘Administrators’ when you are finished click the SAVE button. Now go down to 'My DNA Results' and select ‘Who can view my DNA results in group projects?' select ‘Make my mtDNA & Y-DNA data public.’ and click SAVE. You are just about done now, go down to 'Who can view my mtDNA Coding Region mutations?' (this is where you can select which projects you want you administrators to be able to see). One you have finished Click the SAVE button. Now the appropriate changes have been made.