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About us

The goals of the MILAM Surname Project are to use the power of Y-DNA testing to confirm suspected genealogical research and pedigrees through Y-DNA matching; to identify the various branches of the MILAM family by Y-DNA haplogroups; and eventually to identify our ancestor families in the United Kingdom.

Having tested nine MILAM men from Great Britain in 2006 and 2007, the group again focused our research on Great Britain, especially on six counties where MILAMs are known to be born in the 1500s and 1600s before our ancestors arrived in Virginia in the early 1700s: Berkshire, Hampshire, Kent, East Sussex, West Sussex and Surrey as may be viewed on this interactive map:  

The chosen British men were screened initially with the YDNA-37 short tandem repeat (STR) test and appropriate SNP Panels were ordered to better define their genetic genealogy. You may read about this project and a discussion of the results here:  

You may contact a project Administrator with any questions:  or .