Milam, Mileham, Milum

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About us

The MILAM Y-DNA Project is organized for all who wish to work together to find their common heritage through Y-DNA testing and by sharing information. Currently we have 81 members of whom 26 are from Great Britain. The earliest spelling, Mileham, meant mill hamlet in Olde English. Since our name, MILAM, is also spelled Millam, Mileham, Milum, Mylam, Mylum, Milem etc, any spelling variation is eligible to join the project. We welcome MILAMs world-wide to participate especially ones from Great Britain. Since only males have the Y-chromosome, only men and their Y-DNA test results can participate. If you are a female, you can ask a male MILAM relative - father, brother, grandfather - to take a Y-DNA test for your line. To participate meaningfully, project members must share the name of their oldest known male ancestor, the date of his life and his location including country. We recommend that when you join the MILAM men's DNA project that you order at least the 37 marker test ( YDNA-37 ) at $119 - for many years previously it was $149.The YDNA-37 analysis will provide detailed results for haplogroup estimation and matching and is an excellent dollar value. Join in the quest today! Thanks Cousin!