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Meyrick Merrick Family Project
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About us

Our goals are very clear. We open the door to genealogical DNA and prove so many things today. We seek a certain DNA known as J1, J2, E3B, Q, R1A1, R1B, G, R and the combination of studies that deal with the line of Levi and other varieties of the phonetic codex: M620 and Jewish Gen. Code-M code 695000 or 694500. We propose to prove, that some of Levi, who as the Bible says, married strange wives, moved through the Caucus region of what is now Ukraine, and came to rest in Wales and thus America.

Our Y-DNA research is best explained under Results and associated testing and surveys to find correlations in Surnames with abilities or professions in Music, Ministry, or leadership.

Our surname list is from Gedcoms, historical documents, and Y-DNA matching.

Our ongoing goals will be to help map and track family members DNA, what ever the results, to help unite lost family, and unify our cousins world wide.
You can also join us in that we are seeking J1, J2, and R1b1a2 markers in Y-DNA for comparisons.

If you have DNA done on this site, Please join our group also to share DNA for research.

This site is administered by a 501 C 3 Charity of Jewish and Protestant members who support Israel and the goals of this organization to prove prophetic biblical lines
of the tribes of Israel.

Present goals include helping Genealogical research for those who are seeking information about their heritage within our family association and foundation; And to
assist in proving the proposition of Dr Merrick that the following Y-DNA patterns may show the related Lines of the lost tribes of Israel.

"DYS 393, 390, and 19 showed a marker within 1 or 2 of the modal Cohen and matched in 80% of the samples with DYS 19 as a value of 14.
Other value patterns showed exact matches in every case, even with the Modal Cohen type being: (some + or - 1)
DYS458 DYS459 DYS455 DYS454
17 9-9 11 11
And in these cases matched exactly 100% of the time in the samples:
(same pattern at 100% in the Beni Yahya Group with DYS19 = 14)
DYS590 DYS641 DYS472 DYS425* DYS436 DYS490 DYS450
8 10 8 12 12 12 8
This suggest a strong relationship in my opinion that these are in fact R1b1a2 Hebrew Tribal markers. This pattern was also observed in
the J-M304, R-P312, J-M12, J2b and J1c3 being the same as M269 where the Hebrew codex were consistent. Where the pattern was
not present in the J groups, another pattern emerged such as DYS 450 = 9 in J2a3h. So a pattern present when the names are present
as with Rabbi Levittsen, Meer, or Levi in J groups. It seems that another pattern emerges within haplotypes with the first 3 markers
 DYS 393, 390, 19 in close relationship with the Cohen Modal 12, 23, 14 such as 13-24-14 and 12-25-15 also in groups of J and R with
Jewish surnames and claims including a great number of Rabbis. In the Ukrainian groups, these patterns were seen where Rabbis who were
Kohen did not match the Modal Cohen as published by Family Tree DNA where these 7 or 8 markers did match. Where the Modal did match
with family Tree DNA in the first 3, depending on the type J, a similar pattern emerged or matched this pattern which was consistent in matching groups.
•some small samples show a 0 value at DYS425 only 3 cases."

Daniel W. Merrick, PhD  See paper under Results.