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Meyrick Merrick Family Project
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The most prominent DNA to date has shown to be R1b1a2 with a clear English and British Isle line of Rev. Roland D Merrick DD who first translated the Bible into the Welsh language circa 1500's Some have shown the Richardson Line from 1600's and DNA has proven the MER RICK or RICH having been change in the phonetic root R to RICHardson with the Y-DNA matching the line of Merrick Ap Llewelyn and RR Roland D Merrick. See for more history and line trace on the family web site.

The related surnames seem to have a phonetic root in the names of the sons of Levi from biblical lines with the MA MAR RA RI roots with codex sounds found in surnames like Murice, Rice, Rich, Richardson, Murich, Mirick, Meyrick, Merrick, Mal, Malic, Meyer, Merr, Lev, Levitson, Levi, and others with the Y-DNA matching in markers showing distant relationships with common ancestors or cousins.

The Genealogy of this line dates to manuscripts with phonetic relationships as early as 262 BC which have been cross matched with biblical references, oral traditions, and recent publications by George Byron Merrick 1903; M.L. Bushey Merrick 1978; Alice Meyrick 1953; and Merrick Foundation intense records research publications of the Merrick History and Genealogy 1st Edition 1995 and 2nd Edition 2012. The relationship to the J and MERARI ap LEVI connection is under critical review where emerging Y-DNA patterns have been observed to be consistent within Haplogroups with M269, J-M304, R-P312, J-M12, J2b and J1c3, where a phonetic root in soundex or codex is shown in variations with close linguistic relationships within family names who have oral traditions and documented history of coming from a Hebrew Tribal family. The clusters in patterns show a possible migration that is consistent with dispersion of the Northern tribes of Israel with their Rabbis in small groups during the Assyrian invasion in 722 BCE, and the return in 516 BCE from Babylon. Further data suggests that the patterns may be related to the 70 CE Roman captivity where the Jewish people were taken to Rome and or went through forced conversions or fled to other countries during the Spanish Inquisitions circa 1492 to 1497 thought 1500's. The know and proven history of this line with R.Rev. Roland D. Merrick. DD having translated the Bible into the Welsh language in about 1550 CE, a forerunner to the King James Version of 1611 and 1634, may suggest a scholarship consistent with the reemergence of a Hebrew language and a Jewish history that shows the Cohen Priestly lines migrations to Wales and the British Isles.

Arch of Titus stone carving shows the Jerusalem Temple Menorah
carried to Rome. C. 70AD .

The line in Britain Has been proven to be only a stop on the way to the lines from other areas who have Israel tribal names which match codex within given linguistic changes as in France = Merc, Spain = Marcus, Etc. This is not uncommon in DNA family lines, where the oldest known relative is from one country, which we know to have been a migration from somewhere else. According to the best science all families of the earth came from a migration from the middle east and northern African region of the world, and went from there into the whole earth. We are awaiting results for the DNA kits out now and hope you will join the group and share in the search for the lines of Merrick. WE NEED MORE MEMBERS AND DONATIONS TO HELP IN THIS RESEARCH! If you are Jewish or Hebrew with a name like Meir, Meer, or a Jewish tradition in J1 or J2 lines from known Rabbis in Eastern or Western Europe and have Y-DNA testing done on this site we invite you to join our group for a compared matching in DYS codes. Your contribution in sharing your DNA will be appreciated and assist in completing known Jewish relationship within these lines that can prove sephardic type historical persecutions and Hebrew DNA identities that may not be obvious to those who have for one reason or another lost their family roots. Many gentiles have been amazed to find a relationship in DNA emerge showing a Jewish heritage or close relationship to the tribes of Israel.

The line of REF: 2048 Merrick Ap /Llewellyn/ Has been confirmed in this group with pending comparative samples form additional family members in process. REF:  and 

The proposed migration has shown in all of the sample DNA and group lines in distributions as follows to date:

(The red dots show the grouping and the routes from which the group is found in the population from known DNA samples)

There is ONE unique sample in an I2 type DNA sample which may or may not be a part of this family markers or a trend in the group.

The data to date shows a CYMRU - WALES connection and tends to suggest that the proposed migration roots and family line is from migrations
from the Middle East to the United Kingdom and European lines. With some Variations, for example where Maxus was recorded to marry a Jewish
women and shown relationships in the previous tribal Levi - Merari migrations to Rome, it is possible that many of these lines inner married having
come from the migrations in 722 BCE to form significant lines from Eastern Europe and Western Asia.

This supports the proposed theory of Dr. Merrick that the line did in fact come from the line of LEVI and MERARI to the CYMRU - WALES and BRITISH
lines with a mixture of Israelite tribal roots as recorded in the book of EZRA and in the historical documentation of MS 117 Et Al. *

A greater sample will be needed to prove this trend in the sample to date and future SNP and DNA family finder samples along with all
other GEDCOM and Historical documentation is being compiled.

As of August 2012 Dr Merrick has proposed a relationship in Y-DNA to the J1 and J2 in patterns of DYS markers that show are distant relationship
to the lines of the modal COHEN lines where a direct phonetic similarity occurs. This paper is under critical review and is downloaded as a PDF for
free from or by direct link to
Other administrators may wish to review the and contact Dr Merrick with critical review information at

R1b Jewish Lines information:

The claim of many R1b DNA members who have shown in their origins a Sephardic Jewish (SC) and or Ashkenazi (AC) Jewish history
has caused us to further our claims with references back to the documentation of manuscripts that may have an effect on the doctrinal issues
that some sects of Judaism may find shocking or troublesome, we do not intend to covert the Jewish people to Christianity here, and in fact, 
we agree with the more Jewish and Hebrew Roots perspective of modern Messianic Jews, who encourage Torah observance for all forms of worship.
This is a genetic question and one that has many at odds with the results of their DNA where for thousands of years there is documented Cohnaim
within the R1b range of Orthodox Jewish people from Wales, Spain, and western Europeans who migrated to America both South and North.
We do not encourage the crypto-Jewish claims of some who hold to a Kassite replacement doctrine rather than a historical view of who is a Jew or
from the tribes of Israel. Many were forced to convert to the Christian faith in one form or another by free will or coercion during the Spanish Inquisitions
1492-late 1800s which officially did not end by the Catholic Church's decree until the early 1900s. Due to this, and other factors of Historical
importance, Dr Merrick has given references and a detailed explanation of why he feels that the R1b claim is validated by those Jewish lines that
have the same surnames as this codex M620 and closely related lines of surnames. Many of these translations of manuscripts show a pagan influence
where a Hebrew name was replaced with names like Jupiter and Saturn, yet in the original crosshatching of names by the same era in other manuscripts
shows disagreement and Hebrew names in there place. This does not mean that the whole document is not valid, just that the author had an agenda
which was influenced by his pagan religion. We find the same influences in other religions as they changed in doctrine and added writings that may not
be in agreement with the original stated worship of that faith. As we see in Christianity, the first followers of Christ in the New Testament had not kept
any pagan Geek or Roman holidays like Easter, and variation of Ishtar a fertility goddess practice, tied to idol worship, but today we see the major Catholic
and protestant denominations keeping what was never kept by the first Jewish followers of this faith. As well many Jewish faith practitioners would never
agree with some of the practices of today's Jewish sects. In light of that enlightenment and in an educated perspective from the historical view of
documented truths, some not swallowed well by many different religious leaders, Dr Merrick presents his view of the reason why this line and many have
valid claims to the families of the Hebrew lines and the traditions of the R1b Jewish people who find they are our cousins. SEE:

*This is taken from Mostyn MS. 117 which dates from the late thirteenth century
and may be by the same scribe who wrote Llyfr Taliesin. It may have been based
on material from the twelfth century but with the first genealogy extended to
Llywelyn ap Gruffudd. The names that were omitted from MS. 117 were filled in through
phonetic macthing and cross reference to Bible scriptures.
**The line of : m. Endos m. Endolen m. 49-Aflach m.
Flech m.  48-Llud m. 47-Beli mawr m. 46-Manogan m. 45-Dyfynwal hen m.
Shown as wife on other manuscript:Gorwynyawn m. Kamber m. Brutus m. Siluius m. Ascanius m.
Eneas m. Anchises m. Capis m. Assaraccus m. Trois m.[Eri}coinus m. Dardan m.
(Number of generations show other decent from DODANIM from japath Gen. 10:4)
Iubiter m. 17-Saru[rn] m. 13-Celi m. Creti m. Cipri m. Cetim m. Ienan m.=Javan Gen.10
from Japath=Iaphed m. Noe hen m. Lamech m. [M]a[th]usalem m. Enoc m. Iareth
m. Malalel m. Kainan m. Enos m. Seth m. Adam m. Duw. Note that compared to Bible
Records some names are missing. This line shown through Yuri (Uri) [Eri] to Saru and
to Japath through the line of Magnus Maximus Roman decent. (Which line also claimed to be from
Judah by way of Joseph of Arimathea). In MS117 Coel Codebog listed out of order and clear decent
had to of been through Prince Meuric or Manogan.
Conflicting lines= Shem>Levi>Uri>Coel Codebog>Merrick; Japath>Dardan (Dodanim)>Saru
(which was a line of shem)>manogan>Coel Codebog>Merrick; Judah>Joesph of Arimathea>
Magnus Maximus>Mawr>Coel Codebog>Merrick
***Bonhed Gwyr y Gogledd (the Descent of the Men of the North) is found in a
number of manuscripts, the earliest being Peniarth MS.45 of the second half of
the thirteenth century. It overlaps with both the Harleian MS. 3859 (1100 though
the genealogies were probably compiled before 988) and the Jesus College MS.20
(late fourteenth century but probably compiled in the thirteenth century)
****Records researched by M.L.B. Merrick and Society of the Cincinnati of Maryland; Robert
Graft Merrick, family Historian; England © Jan.5 , 1974.
genealogies: albeit with discrepancies.

May 24, 1998-Feb.12, 1999 Daniel Merrick © 1997-2012
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