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About us

Testing has revealed that a large percentage of the Macphersons in this project belong to haplogroup R1b1 with many testing positive for branch L21. The line of the Clan Macpherson chief belongs to haplogroup R1b1 L21 and is a fairly close match to the Scots Modal Haplotype. Four Macpherson kits are an especially close match to the Scots Modal Haplotype believed to represent the Dalriada movement into Scotland.

Test results for each participant are presented on the Y-DNA RESULTS page. The earliest documented ancestor for most of the participants is shown next to the DNA kit number. Participants are grouped with their closest DNA matches which often represent a specific geographical area.

There are subgroups which also group testees according to haplogroup that have no close DNA matches so far.

We also have a few groups that are a close match to other surnames indicating a surname switch.


MacPhersons of Black River, Inverness County, Nova Scotia (Kit 50994) CLICK HERE

MacPhersons of Isle of Benbecula, Scotland (Kits 173785, 161618, 195379) CLICK HERE