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Beth Frost, Bruce McPherson and John Harper are the volunteer administrators for this project. It is primarily a Y DNA project, so with an interest in the paternal line of descent and the DNA code passed from father to son. Those who have undertaken a Maternal test  (Mtdna)are welcome to join the project, however it is difficult to draw firm conclusions from these results. Those who have undertaken an autosomal test (Family Finder) are also welcome if they have fairly recent Macpherson ancestry. Family Finder results can be quite useful for more recent ancestry, up to four or five generations

As a general rule Bruce and John will answer queries relating to YDNA and Beth those pertaining to Family Finder. They are not FTDNA employees, they are volunteers who have Macpherson ancestry and interest in genetic genealogy. They are responsible for placing members into sub-groups and naming those groups after analyzing individual results.


The Official Clan Macpherson Association:!/pages/The-Official-Clan-Macpherson-Association/101140893306676/