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About us

Our goal is to study and analyze DNA results from people for various  MacCrummen/MacCrimmon family tree branches, including YDNA, mtDNA, and autosomal DNA. We hope to identify the diverse branches through both DNA testing and genealogy and support “paper” trail evidence documenting the various branches-thus a genetic genealogy project.

We have recently discovered some people with matching segments of autosomal DNA as well as YDNA.  And, the use of Family Finder has provided a few results.  For males, in particular we are looking forward to SNP test results.  For example, some McCrummen men have documented ancestors in the US at least since at least 1786, one family line is I-FGC15561. As include more YDNA results we hope to clarify the various YTree branches for Mhic Criomain - Mhic Cruimein peoples. 

In November 2016, we discovered through one of the Project's male members that the YDNA MacC' branches now include R1, in addition to I1. So, we continue making progress on understanding the diversity in our Tree.