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About us

This is a project to study and analyze DNA results from people for various MacCrummen/MacCrimmon family tree branches.

It is hoped we get female and male participants from Scotland, North America, Australia, and other countries. Those with spelling variations of the ancestral Mhic Cruimein are encouraged to participate. These include but are not limited to McCrummen, McCrimmon, McCrimon, McCriman,  McRimmon, McGruyman, and several others.  In addition, we encourage those of allied families that have intermarried with us to join, including, but not limited to McLean,McKenzie, MacLeod, MacDonald, MacRae, Bethune, Black, Campbell, Kelly, MacAskill, McDowell, Grant, and additional surnames.

As many people know, there have been various spellings of the surname and there are various ideas of the origins of the family.  In particular, the spelling "MacCrummen" is used to honor Donald Ruadh MacCrummen. As hereditary pipers to MacLeod of Harris, Donald Ruadh and his brother Iain Dubh were hereditary pipers to this MacLeod clan. After Donald Ruadh’s death in 1825, there were additional pipers to the MacLeods.  In Donald Ruadh’s claims to the British government resulting from his service as a loyalist in the US Revolutionary War, he spelled his surname: MacCrummen. One of his brothers, Donald Daniel used the MacCrimmon spelling and was one of the original MacCrimmon’s to settle in what is now Canada.  Iain Dubh(above), was a third brother, and used the MacCrimmon spelling. 

Recently, long lost, handwritten notes of George C. B. Poulter, genealogist of the Clan MacCrimmon Society have been discovered and transcribed. These important documents further outline several different lines of MacC' peoples.  Finding these official genealogy records supports the need for additional DNA testing as a way to clarify the various YDNA branches of male Mhic Criomain - Mhic Cruimein peoples.