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Please see individual kit results and Y-DNA Results Spreadsheet

Current Major Subgroups  (email for additional information)

Y-DNA Results are Sorted Based on estimated on Actual SNPs (haplogroups) 

Group I2 Mixed: Irish and Scottish (Norse)
  Insufficient number of BigY testers to develop additional sub-groupings or to include them in the I2a Lewis and Western Ross Group 

Group R1b Antrim ROX2 (Celtic) MacAulays:
  Individuals who maybe, or who have taken the BigY test and have confirmed, that they are part of a group of MacAulays that were from Northern Ireland.
  There is no indication that is group was part of emigration from Scotland in the 17th Century because Antrim was not part of the Ulster Plantation and may
  have always resided in Northern Ireland.
The Antrim MacAulay SNP Tree as of 14 Nov 2022 is available on the Activity Page and on our Facebook page:

Group R1b Clan Colla: See Irish Three Collas History


Grp R1b Irish Fermanagh Maguire MacAulays: MacAulays descended from Maguires in Fermanagh 
Grp 1b  FGC98000>Z16337  ~1200 AD
Grp 1b1 FGC98000>Z16337>Y82651 ~1700 AD

Group R1b -Lewis (Celtic) MacAulays BigY testing is required confirm Origins

Group R1b Nail of Nine Hostages M222 Groups: A large Celtic group which requires BigY testing to confirm sub-grouping develop their original Irish/Scottish Origins.

Group R1b - North Uist (Celtic) MacAulays: Additional BigY testers are required to determine their original Irish/Scottish Origins.

The other groups require more BigY testers to provide information to develop additional haplogroups and origins.