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Brian Schwab Brian Schwab
May 20 @ 10:36pm
My great grandparents Arthur Lewis and Grace Irene (Mohr) McCauley, sometime around 1917
Kathy McCauley
May 24 @ 11:15am
Great pic, Brian. Love that they both have their hats at that jaunty angle! Do you know where it was this taken?
Brian Schwab
May 26 @ 4:31pm
Thanks Kathy! I wish I did. It was actually a post card they had made of the photo. The post card was never sent. It is actually one of my two favorite photos of them. Their wedding photo was the other one!
Kathy McCauley Kathy McCauley
April 22 @ 2:32pm
Hello everyone... FT-DNA is having a "DNA Day Sale". Here's a link to the prices: A Big Y700 is recommended to get the biggest bang for your y-DNA buck. But if that's not possible right now, keep in mind that any y-DNA upgrade now reduces the price on y-DNA upgrades during the next sale. Also... the Family Finder test is $49 right now. It's a very useful product for finding cousins on ANY family line within the last 4-6 generations. Remember what Mike Walsh (one of our haplogroup administrators) says: "DNA testing is a team sport." Any y-DNA upgrade helps you and your matches get a little closer to finding more clues to your paternal ancestors. more later, Kathy McCauley
Harry Mc Cauley Harry Mc Cauley
April 21 @ 4:11pm
hi folks,i hope you are all safe with this coronavirus and not affected by it.stay safe
Brice Rae Brice Rae
February 23 @ 11:28am
Just received my big Y 700 results for kit B191624. It seems my terminal SNP R-A17453 is the immediate cousin of other R-FGC11397 (Rox2) descendants, like the MacCauley group Y-17787. Does that mean we are all MacCaulley, or does the Y-17787 predate last names? What year range or location do we theorize the mutation Y-17787 occurred? When I run a DNA comparison with my matches who are all Y17787 descendants, the calculator says there is a 99% chance we share a MRCE in the last 20 generations. Beer math puts that at about 600 years ago, which was circa 1,420 AD. Just before the Ulster-Scott migration. I see most of the Y-17787 can trace their family tree to Antrim in 1800s. Is there any theory or family history if they were part of the King James Scottish plantation of Ulster settlement of N Ireland from the 1600s? Or did their arrival pre-date this event?
Kathy McCauley
March 3 @ 10:41pm
Hi Brice. You are correct, your results put you in the Rox2 Cluster. You have y-DNA matches with several members of the Antrim Rox2 subgroups, but only up to 67 markers. Almost all of the Antrim Rox2 MacAulays have tested to y-111, but you have no matches at all at that level. Have you seen the Rox2 Cluster in Alex Williamson's Big Tree? Here's a link to it: Use Ctrl-F to find A17453. There are about a dozen different surnames descended from Mr. R-A17453, but I don't see any MacAulays there. If I were you, I'd investigate whether there are surname projects for those names. R-Y17787 is to the right of your current terminal SNP (R-A17453), which according to SNP Tracker ( was formed about 2400 years ago. R-Y17787 is estimated to have been formed about 1600 years ago. Since your terminal SNP falls at the top of that section, you might start trying to find some distant-ish (2nd-5th) cousins and try to convince them to test. This can help you "find your place" on the Big Tree. R-Y17787 is the only section of the Rox2 Cluster that I'm very familiar with, so I cannot enlighten you on R-A17453. It looks to me like R-A17453 was a "brother" to R-Y17787. I recommend: -- share your results to the Data Warehouse so it can be added to the Big Tree -- If you're so inclined, have yFull do an analysis on your Big Y results; this will help refine the SNP Tracker data. -- get a Family Finder test. An autosomal transfer typically supplies only a fraction of the matches you could get with a FF test. Right now, you have only 661. Typical numbers are into the 3,000-4,000 range. -- see Chris Corner's Rox2 Cluster page: Chris is very approachable, so don't be shy about asking questions. If you want instructions for any of the above recommendations, please send an email to my address, which you can find by clicking on my name to the left. I hope this helps. Let me know if I can help further. -- Kathy McCauley
Mark McCaulley
March 10 @ 10:41am
Thanks Kathy, I found Chris Corner's site very informative.
Kathy McCauley
March 10 @ 9:08pm
Hi Mark... I like Chris's site, too. Lots of info there for Rox2 people. -- Kathy
Kathy McCauley Kathy McCauley
March 8 @ 11:34am
ALERT: Big Y Block Tree changes planned for next week. This change is imminent, so... before Tuesday, if possible... Please save a screen shot of your Big Y Block Tree so you can compare it with whatever it looks like after this change. Share your notes and observations after the update takes place. It probably wouldn't hurt to save a copy of your current Big Y match list, too. From: ‎Bill Wood‎ to FTDNA - BiGY Facebook Group, March 6 at 11:44 AM Just in from FTDNA: "Bennett wanted me to pass along to you that the tickets we've been working on for the (BiGY) matching issues are looking like they're in good shape right now and the plan is to release them next week. Bennett instructed the team working on them to continue working through the weekend if necessary in order to meet that deadline. Our normal release days are Tuesdays and Wednesdays, so we're expecting to have major improvements to Big Y matching resolved by Thursday." Contact me at if you need help or instructions. -- Kathy McCauley
Kathy McCauley
March 8 @ 4:35pm
It is recommended to save lists of your: - Y-STR Matches filtered by BiGY; - BiGY Match list; - Number of Unnamed/Private Variants; - Number of BiGY Matches; and - BiGY Block Tree Branches
Keith McCauley Keith McCauley
January 10 @ 11:40am
I have been working regularly on my family’s genealogy for a year, mostly using I know and can concretely trace my branch of the McCauley family back to Northern Ireland, Enniskillsn area. There the McCauley family was involved in the maintenance and support of the Florence Court Estate, the home of the Earl of Enniskillen. The family’s farm and residence were located several miles from the estate. The 1901 Irish Censes lists members of the household, my great-great Grandfather, great-great uncles and aunts, as domestic servants, coachman, seamstresses and farmers. in the early 1800’s. Bernard McCauley (1846-1902) was the son of Edward McCauley. Edward is the next link backwards for me to explore. The majority of the 9 children in that family emigrated to the United State and settled in the Bronx and Brooklyn NY. My father was Bernard McCauley (IV). Although he was referred to as Junior and knew we was the third Bernard, he did not know he was the fourth Bernard, before he passed in 2013. My family is from Renssealer County in New York State, USA. I would be interested in connecting with anyone else who has this same lineage. Thanks so Much! One Question. I have found my test listed on the Master list, How is information regarding ancestors added to the spreadsheet? Thanks!
Kathy McCauley
January 11 @ 9:22pm
Hi Keith... Nice work on that research! And thanks for sharing it. To find your most distant paternal ancestor, start with yourself in your family tree and follow the MALE ONLY line (father, father, father, father, etc) until you reach the last father on your paternal line. Since your surname is McCauley, his name probably will be, too. :) To add him to your account at FT-DNA: -- Log onto your account. -- Click on your name in the top right-hand corner of your home page and choose "Account Settings". -- Click on "Genealogy", then "Earliest Known Ancestors". Please include your earliest known maternal ancestor, too. Follow your mother's line (choosing mother, mother, mother, mother, etc). The earliest female on that line is who you'll enter. If you have them, birth and death years are important to include. If you have enough space, an abbreviated place is also useful. Remember to save your changes. -- Kathy
Keith McCauley
January 17 @ 12:24pm
Thanks so much! That was very helpful!!
Kathy McCauley
January 23 @ 3:13pm
You're welcome!
Kathy McCauley Kathy McCauley
January 11 @ 9:52pm
Hello! Happy New Year, everyone. Just a reminder: A family tree attached to your account can be a big help to people looking for connections to their (and your!) ancestors. Many people use the FT-DNA search function to look for the surnames they're researching. They also look at family trees attached to their match's account. Having your family tree on your account will enable your matches to get a quick look at the names, dates, and places in your tree to see if they can quickly identify a family connection. You can attach your entire tree if you want, but if it's a big tree, you probably should prune it a bit. You can also just add your direct lines. So, to help other researchers find you as a match, please take a few minutes to create a family tree on your account. Or, if you'd rather, you can upload a gedcom file (privatized, if you want). An alternative is to put a link to your online tree on your profile, but it's unclear whether many people look at profiles much. In addition, you can create a list of ancestors' surnames and attach those to your account. A good many of us are McCauleys, but -- as you all know -- there are many ways to spell it. FT-DNA's search function only looks for absolute spellings. In other words, a search for "McAuley" will only find that spelling. It will NOT find "Macaulay" or "McCauley" or any other spelling. So, I recommend putting 2 or 3 different spellings in your ancestor surname list so your bases are covered. Glad to help with any of this if you have questions! -- Kathy
James McCauley James McCauley has a question!
December 30 @ 5:50pm
Jim or Kathy, on the DNA results chart, it says for Group I-1a, that BY62000 should order a Big Y test. My result, BY62000, is the result of the Y-700 test I took. What other test are you referring to?
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James McCauley
December 31 @ 9:26am
Hi Kathy. I know Kit# 400520 and I (Kit# 848591), descend from the same ancestor, William McCauley, our 5th great grandfather. Kit# 125144 descends from Mathew McCauley, William's brother. As for Kit# 112754, I haven't been able to determine if he's in one of those lines. I sent him an email in July 2018, but didn't receive a reply.
Jim McAuley
December 31 @ 11:26am
Hi James. Yes, the BIGY-700 is the current BIG Y SNP test you took. The note is for the other three in your same group who have close STR matches but haven't done any advanced SNP testing to confirm their placement in the group. The I-BY6200 SNP is estimated to be about 990 years old from Ireland/Northern Ireland. The two of you in this Group I-1a who have done the BIGY test have additional SNPs in common. As additional people do the BIGY test and match any of these "private SNPs", additional "downstream" SNP(s) will be identified and their younger ages estimated. Due to the relatively large number of ROX2 Antrim MacAulays who have done the BIGY test, they now have SNPs that are as young as 1822, 1827, and 1952. The key to additional discoveries is clearly dependent upon additional people doing the BIG-Y700 test. Jim McAuley MacAulay Surname Project admin
Chris Smith
January 3 @ 7:06pm
James, I will not be a Y-DNA match, but I'm a direct descendant of some McCauleys of Jasper & Troup Co's, GA that may match your description above. Any chance you are poking around in the same area? - Chris
James McCauley
January 9 @ 10:32am
Chris Smith, I descend from one of two brothers who came from Antrim Co., Ireland, to North Carolina around 1770. Each brother had 10 or 12 children. Most left North Carolina to Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas, Texas, and California. Some may have gone to South Carolina or Georgia, but I haven't traced all the descendants of each child of the two brothers, so I don't know if any did go there. I haven't researched in that area to date, but if you know of any McCauleys from that area that trace back to North Carolina, I might be able to say if those McCauleys were of the same group. Let me know.
William Buchanan William Buchanan has a question!
January 8 @ 8:19am
R By43895 SNP how many McCauley have this ,and what is significant about it?
William Buchanan
January 8 @ 8:29am
Again, forgot to give my # 164943 R. Z 16337 McCauley matching
Jim McAuley
January 8 @ 7:59pm
William, R-BY43895 is one of the SNPs in the FGC9811 branch. All of the those in the project that tested positive for FGC98111 also tested positive for BY43895. The SNP Tree for the Irish 1b MacAulays appears to be: R-FGC9811 ->FGC9784 ->FGC9811 ->FGC9804 ->FGC9809 ->FGC9800 ->P66 ->Z16337 ->BY3093 FGC9800>Z16337 branch appears to be the 15th century Fermanagh Maguire>MacAuleys Additional information on this branch is available at the website. Jim McAuley Surname Project Admin
Michael McAulay Michael McAulay has a question!
December 27 @ 5:12pm
I have my Y111 results back and belong to Haplo Gp R-M 269 is anyone able to help interpret the results and find out where my line fits in the tree?
Jim McAuley
December 28 @ 5:26pm
Michael, R-M269 Haplogroup just says you are some where on a major branch of the R1b Haplogroup. The M269 SNP's estimated age is around 13,000 BCE and 62,873 testers in the FTDNA database are in the M269 haplogroup. Based on your Y-111 STR results, I have already placed you in the M222 subgroup. The M222 SNP's estimated age is around 790 BCE and 3,814 FTDNA testers are in this haplogroup. To confirm your actual defining SNP you need to do the BIG Y 700 test which is on sale until January 2nd. I my case I an a match to another tester and we have a common SNP from about 1200 CE. Some of the SNPs downstream of M222 are as young as 1900 CE. Jim McAuley Macaulay Surname Project Admin
Michael McAulay
December 31 @ 2:28pm
Thanks Jim very much appreciated I’ll aim at getting the big Y done this year. Happy new year mate.
Jim McAuley
January 1 @ 2:05pm
Michael, Happy New Year! If you plan on doing the BIGY, you should do it either before 12:00 midnight CST 1/2/2020 or wait for the next sale probably around father's day. Jim McAuley MacAulay Surname Project Admin