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James McCauley James McCauley has a question!
May 25 @ 4:11pm
If there is anyone in this project that has John McCauley, d. 1842, TN., married to Mary "Polly Moore, and is the son of William McCauley, d. 1825, NC., married to Catherine Johnston Long, let me know what your Haplogroup is as indicated by your Y-DNA test. There're 44 family trees on Ancestry, many of which show this relationship. Thank you!
William McCauley
June 11 @ 12:16am
Hi James... According to their family history, William McCauley (d. 1825) was born in Carrickfergus, Co. Antrim, Ireland. His brother (Matthew) and he came to America before the American Revolution. They both settled in Orange County, North Carolina, and donated property for the University of NC. But you probably already know that. There are lots of trees on Ancestry that list the descendants of William and his wife Mary "Polly" Moore. Some of them are not correct, however, because the trees give my 3rd g-grandfather (Samuel McCauley) as one of their children. He was not. Sometimes they even give my 4th g-grandfather as one of their children. My 4th g-grandfather was a John McCauley (bc 1766-d 1827 MS), who also had children in NC, but he was living in Mississippi by about 1816. y-DNA testing shows that the two families were not paternally related, but because of similar names, locations, and dates, they are often confused. As a matter of fact, several trees give MY John McCauley's death 1842 in TN. ;) You might try contacting your closest matches in the "DNA Results" chart to see if they have William or Matthew in their lines. -- Kathy (sister of 342681)
James McCauley
June 12 @ 12:25pm
Kathy, I've been trying to study the McCauley lines since 1986. To date, I'm still unclear as to the relationship between each line. I know that William and Matthew are brothers, as you say, and I know there's a John McCauley who died in Tennessee in 1842. What I was trying to find, is a connection between John and the two McCauley brothers. What I take from your response to my question, is that there's a different Y-DNA haplogroup between the McCauley brothers and John McCauley. I also take from your response, that there are actually two different John McCauley's as well. A John McCauley (d. 1842, TN), and a John McCauley (d. 1827 MS). Do the two John's also have different Haplogroups, and does either of the two match the McCauley brothers? My closest match here on FTDNA has the same terminal Snip as I have so far. He and I are both descendants of William McCauley. Yes, I know there're many errors in on-line family tree's for McCauley's, which is why I hoped Y-DNA would help me sort out some of these errors, and ensure my own tree is correct. A lot of the old researchers from the 1930's and 1940's were trying to solve the same questions, as reflected in their written correspondence which I've come across. I think some of today's confusion may have resulted from some of the assumptions they were making, and passed on to their descendants. I would appreciate any light you could shed on the John McCauley's, since I was unaware there were two John McCauley's. My email is in my FTDNA profile if you'd like to respond there. Thank you for your response. Jim McCauley.
William McCauley
July 2 @ 12:20pm
Assuming everyone has their genealogical ducks in a row and there weren't any dalliances or undocumented adoptions to contend with, the Y-haplogroup of William's line looks like it is I-M253. Assuming they really were full brothers, I would expect Matthew's line to be the same, but since I haven't found a y-DNA-tested descendant of Matthew's to compare with, I can't speak to that. (I'm still very interested in any info on Matthew's y-DNA, though.) It's my understanding that "Johnny" McCauley who died in 1842 TN might have been a son or grandson of either Matthew or William. I might be able to put my hands on information about that if you're interested. John McCauley who died c 1827 in Franklin County, MS, was my 4th g-grandfather. His children and their descendants are well-documented and well-tested. Eight of the R-Y21522 subgroup in this Project are his documented descendants. Rev. John McCauley (from Co. Tyrone?) died in Mississippi in 1857. My researcher-cousin and I created a small family tree for him. I have no knowledge of DNA tests by any of his descendants. Then, there's John Thomas McCauley, bc 1829 NC (likely Wayne County) and died 1883, Lincoln County, TN. His mother seems to have been Serena Jane Howell. I haven't found his father's name yet, but his descendant's y-DNA signatures indicate he was definitely related to my John. There are surely more John McCauleys out there. I kind of have my hands full with these ones, though. :) -- Kathy (sister to 342681)
Kathy McCauley
July 2 @ 9:09pm
James (or anyone else)... if you know of any documented direct-line descendants of Matthew McCauley (brother of William) who lived in Chapel Hill, Orange County, NC, I'd very much like to be put in touch with them. -- Kathy
Clem Ditton C/- Noon Clem Ditton C/- Noon
July 2 @ 1:32am
Hi all, I have just joined up my cousin's test to the MacAulay group, despite his surname and three of his paternal ancestors having the surname Noon. My DNA investigations have led me to the conclusion that a great grandfather that my cousin and I share, was known to us as Peter Noon (1856-1915) but that he was almost certainly born a McAuley. In fact he was most probably the Francis McCauley that was born in 1856 in Lanarkshire to Francis McAuley and Mary Fallon. Why he changed his name is not known for sure (jumped ship in Australia is a family story) but the DNA evidence is pretty compelling. One of our best clues that he was a McAuley was that we just confirmed a GD 0 match on 111 markers to a documented McAuley from Moneenterriff, co Cavan. We also have quite strong autosomal links (100CM+) to other McAuleys from Blacklion, co Cavan a few miles from the other family. The autosomal links to Mary Fallon are also very compelling. She was born in Elphin parish co Roscommon and she married Francis McAuley in Rutherglen, Lanark, Scotland in 1855. We understand that the famine was the reason they both left Ireland. If any of that fits in with other known McAuleys from co Cavan I would be most interested in hearing from you. Clem Ditton
Jim McAuley
July 3 @ 11:05pm
Clem, For me the true "champagne moment" is not the 0=GD @ Y-111 but the SNP match with kit 35708. With Y-111 STRs anyone one STR can mutate up or down in value (number of "Short Tandem Repeats") at any father-son generational event. The same STR can mutate again (down or up) at any subsequent generation. As a result, the fact that you have a 0=GD match with another tester can have as much to do with chance as genetics. SNP matches are an entirely different matter. Once a SNPs occurs, they are passed down to subsequent generations unchanged. This means that if two people have the same SNP, then they have common ancestor sometime after the SNP first appeared. The mean age of the first occurrence of your SNP R-Y82651 is about 454 AD. This means that anyone who has that SNP, you and he have a common ancestor sometime after 454 AD. The SNP test results confirm you are descended from the Fermanagh McGuire MacAuleys. You should review the information at the Irish MacAuley website at: Jim McAuley Admin, MacAulay Surname Project
Clem Ditton C/- Noon
July 4 @ 12:39am
Hi Jim, Thanks for your informative feedback. I am trying to understand the relative significance of the STR matches and the SNP matches. Your comment was very helpful in that regard - seems quite different to how the FTDNA TIP suggests you interpret the STR result. I should also have mentioned that the GD 0 match with kit 197765 is backed up with a 19cM autosomal match with the subjects double cousin over at Ancestry. (No FF or SNP testing so far for kit 197765) The match with kit 35708 has a GD 2 on 111 but no obvious autosomal match (from the associated FF result at least). At Ancestry, we also have a 112 cM match to a subject whose ancestors include a McAuley from Blacklion, Cavan. The shared matches confirm it is on the right branch of the tree. So overall there is high confidence that we are looking at an ancestor named McAuley within two hundred years. Thanks again - very much appreciated. Clem
Kathy McCauley
July 4 @ 10:29am
Hello again, Clem... I saw a Francis McAuley listed as a MDKA (Most Distant Known Ancestor) for a kit in the North of Ireland project. No idea if he's your guy, though. Was looking for something else at the time; just happened to remember your post here. Pretty sure one of my cousins has an autosomal match with people listing McAuleys from Co. Cavan, but don't recall which of my cousins I was looking at at the time. Will re-visit their accounts to see who it was. With autosomal DNA, it's possible the match was not on a McAuley line, but it might still be useful information. If you want, I can get back to you when I find them again. Also... the name Mary Fallon seems vaguely familiar to me. Can't recall exactly where I've seen it before -- perhaps in the trees of the above-mentioned Cavan matches? (I look at so many!) I'll keep an eye out for Mary. -- Kathy (sister of 342681)
Clem Ditton C/- Noon
July 4 @ 10:06pm
Thanks again Kathy. All help is appreciated.
Jim McAuley Jim McAuley
July 4 @ 9:17am
The flash Sale has been extended through midnight July 4th!! See William McCauley (Kathy's) June 29th post below. Jim McAuley MacAulay Surname Project Admin
William McCauley William McCauley
June 29 @ 9:06am
FLASH SALE -- The bulk email system was down for a couple of months. It's finally fixed and FT-DNA is having a Flash Sale to make amends. It ends June 30th. The following codes can be used for NEW/add-on tests...(i.e. they cannot be used for upgrading Y DNA markers, Y37-->Y67 for example, or going from BigY500-->BigY700). If you've been sitting on the fence about BigY, NOW is a good time to go for it. Promo Codes: $20 off Family Finder when you use code PROJECTSFF $40 off Y-37 when you use code PROJECTSY37 $49 off Y-67 when you use code PROJECTSY67 $60 off Y-111 when you use code PROJECTSY111 $150 off Big Y-700 when you use code PROJECTSBIGY Offer Rules & Details: -Promo codes expire 6/30/19 @ 11:59 pm CT -Only one promo code may be applied to the cart per transaction -Promo codes may not be used in conjunction with other offers and only apply to full price items -Offer is for add-on tests and new kits, not valid on upgrades So if you have been sitting on the fence about Big Y, now is the time. Remember: y-12, y-25, and y-67 get an automatic upgrade to y-111 with Big Y. Also, Big Y700 will likely require a new DNA sample, so make sure the mailing address on your account is correct. Better yet, be on top of it... call Customer Service and ask them to send you a new (free) collection kit. Be prepared with your kit # and account details, because they WILL ask for that info. Kathy McCauley (sister to 342681)
William McCauley
June 29 @ 9:17am
One more thing: The PROJECTSBIGY discount code was not working yesterday. That seems to have been fixed. So, give it another try. I can't put my hands on the list just now, but I know the codes take Big Y700 down to $349 for y-67s and $299 for y-111s. -- Kathy (sister of 342681)
William McCauley
June 30 @ 9:04am
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Kathy McCauley
July 1 @ 12:38pm
Just in: This sale has been extended to July 4th at 11:59 p.m. -- Kathy
William McCauley
July 2 @ 1:17am
The sale also includes a Y500-to-Y700 upgrade for $249. -- kathy At first, it looks like the price is $649, but after you place the order, a $400(!) discount is applied. No discount code necessary. Looks like this: Big Y-700 $649 Add or gift another kit PROJECTSBIGY Apply This coupon requires a greater amount to be purchased SUBTOTAL$649.00 Discounts- $400.00 TOTAL $249.00 Proceed to checkout
James McCauley James McCauley has a question!
June 10 @ 10:47am
I've currently tested to FGC9486 via Snip testing, and 111 STR's. What would possibly be the value to upgrading to Y-700 at this point? Any comment? Thank you, Jim McCauley.
William McCauley
June 11 @ 12:39am
Hi James... IMHO... the biggest value is time. If you have a Big Y now, your results will be there when someone else tests and matches your I-FGC9486. At that point, you don't have to wait for more test results to find out if there are other SNPs you share (or don't share). Money is another value. I don't know what the upgrade price is right now, but just a few $39 single SNPs sometimes add up to be more than the cost of a Big Y when it's on a good sale. Just my 2 cents. -- Kathy (sister of 342681)
James McCauley
June 13 @ 2:53pm
I went ahead and ordered the Y 700.
Dennis Macauley Dennis Macauley has a question!
October 6, 2018 @ 4:56pm
Is there any way I can tell from my DNA results whether my family is from Ireland or Scotland? I have been away from this site for a number of years, and never was proficient in the science involved.
Paul McCauley
April 28 @ 12:21pm
In my database there are 43 surname matches with "Buchanan" at 12 and 25. That's a lot of matches. Pat (Brother is 464642)
William Buchanan
May 16 @ 4:42pm
Paul, where can I see your database? Bill Buchanan #164943
Kathy McCauley
May 19 @ 9:37pm
Hi Pat! Thanks for the link to that book. I've posted (above) a link to another interesting book that's recently been added to our Clan website. -- Kathy
Paul McCauley
May 21 @ 10:54pm
William, I can email the names I have...
Kathy McCauley Kathy McCauley
May 18 @ 12:39am
Newly posted on the Clan MacAuley UK website: a link to a digital copy of "Ardincaple Castle and Its Lairds" by Edward Randolph Welles, 1930.
Martin  McAuley Martin McAuley
April 2 @ 3:03am
Hi folks, pleased to meet your acquaintance. Quick Bio. Marty McAuley who lives in Ballymena, Co Antrim. My McAuley line all comes from within a few miles of where I currently live. At least 4 generations back my McAuleys came from Harryville, south of Ballymena. The two men in the photo are my GG Grandfather Joseph and his brother John (standing) Would love to hear from anyone who has McAuley connections to the area.
Jim McAuley
April 6 @ 5:29pm
Marty, I placed your Y-DNA data in the the Antrim Group 1. Additional SNP testing would be benefical to both your research and others in the MacAulay Antrim groups. Jim McAuley Project admin
Luke Macauley
April 6 @ 8:50pm
Hi Marty, I manage two accounts for my cousin Luke Macauley and my great uncle Seamus Macauley. Seamus was born in the Ballymena region and our Macauley line has certainly been there since the early 1800's according to records, most likely longer than that also.
Brian McCauley
April 28 @ 9:03pm
Marty, I live in the US, but my McAuley roots go to about 8 miles north and east of Ballymena. My grandfather, John McAuley, was born in 1876 in Lower Tullykittagh, and his grandparents, Patrick McAuley and Margaret Black, were from Glenardagh, which does not seem to be on the map anymore but was near present-day Buckna. As you know, McAuleys abound in the area from Ballymena east to the coast, so we do not necessarily have close family links. But I would love to compare notes with you. My Kit # is 488831 and my confirmed haplogroup is R-FGC32363. Jim, am I also in the Antrim Group 1 of Y-DNA data?
Martin McAuley
May 5 @ 5:43pm
Hi Luke and Brian, There are loads of McAuleys around Ballymena. My McAuleys, as far back as I can get, are from near Broughshane, so about half way out to Buckna. Tullykittagh, I know it well, isnt too far away from Broughshane either. Feel free to email guys,
Paul MacAuley Paul MacAuley
April 23 @ 5:56pm
My earliest known MacAulay ancestor is Duncan McAulay, born about 1798 at Kilchoman, Islay. I can only infer his approximate birth date based on his answers to the Scottish Census. At some point he moved to Glasgow, married Rachael McLellan in 1824 and then moved on to Edinburgh, where my great-grand was born in 1825. Duncan was a joiner by trade and my g-grand, Angus, apparently joined him in the building trades as a plasterer. There are/were a pack of McAulays/MacAulays on Islay; most were fishermen, it seems. I'm wondering if there are any Islay MacAulays about.
William McCauley William McCauley
February 17 @ 6:24pm
Hello MacAulays (of all variant spellings)! Just a reminder that this year's Clan Gathering is in Cairngorms National Park at the Coylumbridge Hotel, Aviemore, Scotland, on September 5th to 8th in 2019. -- Kathy (sister of 342681)