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James McCauley James McCauley has a question!
June 10 @ 10:47am
I've currently tested to FGC9486 via Snip testing, and 111 STR's. What would possibly be the value to upgrading to Y-700 at this point? Any comment? Thank you, Jim McCauley.
William McCauley
June 11 @ 12:39am
Hi James... IMHO... the biggest value is time. If you have a Big Y now, your results will be there when someone else tests and matches your I-FGC9486. At that point, you don't have to wait for more test results to find out if there are other SNPs you share (or don't share). Money is another value. I don't know what the upgrade price is right now, but just a few $39 single SNPs sometimes add up to be more than the cost of a Big Y when it's on a good sale. Just my 2 cents. -- Kathy (sister of 342681)
James McCauley
June 13 @ 2:53pm
I went ahead and ordered the Y 700.
James McCauley James McCauley has a question!
May 25 @ 4:11pm
If there is anyone in this project that has John McCauley, d. 1842, TN., married to Mary "Polly Moore, and is the son of William McCauley, d. 1825, NC., married to Catherine Johnston Long, let me know what your Haplogroup is as indicated by your Y-DNA test. There're 44 family trees on Ancestry, many of which show this relationship. Thank you!
William McCauley
June 11 @ 12:16am
Hi James... According to their family history, William McCauley (d. 1825) was born in Carrickfergus, Co. Antrim, Ireland. His brother (Matthew) and he came to America before the American Revolution. They both settled in Orange County, North Carolina, and donated property for the University of NC. But you probably already know that. There are lots of trees on Ancestry that list the descendants of William and his wife Mary "Polly" Moore. Some of them are not correct, however, because the trees give my 3rd g-grandfather (Samuel McCauley) as one of their children. He was not. Sometimes they even give my 4th g-grandfather as one of their children. My 4th g-grandfather was a John McCauley (bc 1766-d 1827 MS), who also had children in NC, but he was living in Mississippi by about 1816. y-DNA testing shows that the two families were not paternally related, but because of similar names, locations, and dates, they are often confused. As a matter of fact, several trees give MY John McCauley's death 1842 in TN. ;) You might try contacting your closest matches in the "DNA Results" chart to see if they have William or Matthew in their lines. -- Kathy (sister of 342681)
James McCauley
June 12 @ 12:25pm
Kathy, I've been trying to study the McCauley lines since 1986. To date, I'm still unclear as to the relationship between each line. I know that William and Matthew are brothers, as you say, and I know there's a John McCauley who died in Tennessee in 1842. What I was trying to find, is a connection between John and the two McCauley brothers. What I take from your response to my question, is that there's a different Y-DNA haplogroup between the McCauley brothers and John McCauley. I also take from your response, that there are actually two different John McCauley's as well. A John McCauley (d. 1842, TN), and a John McCauley (d. 1827 MS). Do the two John's also have different Haplogroups, and does either of the two match the McCauley brothers? My closest match here on FTDNA has the same terminal Snip as I have so far. He and I are both descendants of William McCauley. Yes, I know there're many errors in on-line family tree's for McCauley's, which is why I hoped Y-DNA would help me sort out some of these errors, and ensure my own tree is correct. A lot of the old researchers from the 1930's and 1940's were trying to solve the same questions, as reflected in their written correspondence which I've come across. I think some of today's confusion may have resulted from some of the assumptions they were making, and passed on to their descendants. I would appreciate any light you could shed on the John McCauley's, since I was unaware there were two John McCauley's. My email is in my FTDNA profile if you'd like to respond there. Thank you for your response. Jim McCauley.
Dennis Macauley Dennis Macauley has a question!
October 6 @ 4:56pm
Is there any way I can tell from my DNA results whether my family is from Ireland or Scotland? I have been away from this site for a number of years, and never was proficient in the science involved.
Paul McCauley
April 28 @ 12:21pm
In my database there are 43 surname matches with "Buchanan" at 12 and 25. That's a lot of matches. Pat (Brother is 464642)
William Buchanan
May 16 @ 4:42pm
Paul, where can I see your database? Bill Buchanan #164943
Kathy McCauley
May 19 @ 9:37pm
Hi Pat! Thanks for the link to that book. I've posted (above) a link to another interesting book that's recently been added to our Clan website. -- Kathy
Paul McCauley
May 21 @ 10:54pm
William, I can email the names I have...
Kathy McCauley Kathy McCauley
May 18 @ 12:39am
Newly posted on the Clan MacAuley UK website: a link to a digital copy of "Ardincaple Castle and Its Lairds" by Edward Randolph Welles, 1930.
Martin  McAuley Martin McAuley
April 2 @ 3:03am
Hi folks, pleased to meet your acquaintance. Quick Bio. Marty McAuley who lives in Ballymena, Co Antrim. My McAuley line all comes from within a few miles of where I currently live. At least 4 generations back my McAuleys came from Harryville, south of Ballymena. The two men in the photo are my GG Grandfather Joseph and his brother John (standing) Would love to hear from anyone who has McAuley connections to the area.
Jim McAuley
April 6 @ 5:29pm
Marty, I placed your Y-DNA data in the the Antrim Group 1. Additional SNP testing would be benefical to both your research and others in the MacAulay Antrim groups. Jim McAuley Project admin
Luke Macauley
April 6 @ 8:50pm
Hi Marty, I manage two accounts for my cousin Luke Macauley and my great uncle Seamus Macauley. Seamus was born in the Ballymena region and our Macauley line has certainly been there since the early 1800's according to records, most likely longer than that also.
Brian McCauley
April 28 @ 9:03pm
Marty, I live in the US, but my McAuley roots go to about 8 miles north and east of Ballymena. My grandfather, John McAuley, was born in 1876 in Lower Tullykittagh, and his grandparents, Patrick McAuley and Margaret Black, were from Glenardagh, which does not seem to be on the map anymore but was near present-day Buckna. As you know, McAuleys abound in the area from Ballymena east to the coast, so we do not necessarily have close family links. But I would love to compare notes with you. My Kit # is 488831 and my confirmed haplogroup is R-FGC32363. Jim, am I also in the Antrim Group 1 of Y-DNA data?
Martin McAuley
May 5 @ 5:43pm
Hi Luke and Brian, There are loads of McAuleys around Ballymena. My McAuleys, as far back as I can get, are from near Broughshane, so about half way out to Buckna. Tullykittagh, I know it well, isnt too far away from Broughshane either. Feel free to email guys,
Paul MacAuley Paul MacAuley
April 23 @ 5:56pm
My earliest known MacAulay ancestor is Duncan McAulay, born about 1798 at Kilchoman, Islay. I can only infer his approximate birth date based on his answers to the Scottish Census. At some point he moved to Glasgow, married Rachael McLellan in 1824 and then moved on to Edinburgh, where my great-grand was born in 1825. Duncan was a joiner by trade and my g-grand, Angus, apparently joined him in the building trades as a plasterer. There are/were a pack of McAulays/MacAulays on Islay; most were fishermen, it seems. I'm wondering if there are any Islay MacAulays about.
William McCauley William McCauley
February 17 @ 6:24pm
Hello MacAulays (of all variant spellings)! Just a reminder that this year's Clan Gathering is in Cairngorms National Park at the Coylumbridge Hotel, Aviemore, Scotland, on September 5th to 8th in 2019. -- Kathy (sister of 342681)
John Patterson John Patterson has a question!
November 14 @ 7:56am
I added my DNA Sequence to the MacAulay group. I don't see it on the chart. Is my DNA line still being added? Thanks. John Patterson (526981)
William McCauley
November 16 @ 8:58am
Hello John, Welcome to the MacAulay Project. I see your kit number (526981) in the "Ungrouped" section at the bottom of the colorized chart. An administrator will sort you to the correct group soon, probably. With a haplogroup of I-M223, you're likely to be placed in one of the "I" groups toward the top of the chart. -- Kathy (sister of 342681)
John Patterson
November 19 @ 1:35pm
Thanks for taking time to comment. You can see I'm new to this, but it's really interesting. I've been following the MacLaren histories, but I recently learned that a lot of Pattersons were locally and genetically related to the MacAulays.
Jim McAuley
November 22 @ 1:47pm
John, I have placed you in I - Mixed group. None of you close Y-DNA matches here or in the Patterson and MacLaren projects have done any SNP testing. At this point, we need to wait for you BIG-Y results to do any further analysis. Jim McAuley Project Admin
John Patterson
November 27 @ 12:22pm
That will make the test worth it for me.
William McCauley William McCauley
June 26, 2018 @ 11:05pm
Greetings.... Are you descended from either William or Matthew McCauley of Chapel Hill, Orange County, NC? If so, I could use your help. My line of McCauleys is always getting confused with theirs -- same names, same locations, etc. I'd like to determine whether the two lines are related along the paternal line. I personally don't think they are because no one in our Scots to Antrim match group has any evidence of being related to William or Matthew. But... I want to be sure. So if you or someone you know is a direct-male-line descendant of Matthew or William, I'd appreciate a little of your time. I'd need a little info from your family tree and some information on your y-DNA test results (privatized, if you like). You can respond here or write to me at: goofusbroadway (at) gmail. Thank you! -- kathy (sister of #342681)
James McCauley
July 6, 2018 @ 1:41pm
Hi, I am James McCauley (848591), a direct descendant of William of the two brothers William and Matthew who came from Antrim County Ireland to Orange County, North Carolina. I descend from William's son James who married Catherine Chapman. My closest Y-DNA match so far, is Jack McCauley (400520), who descends from William's son Matthew who married Nancy Chapman, sister to Catherine. In addition to FTDNA, I'm at Ancestry and My Heritage, as well as GEDMatch. I did the Y-DNA 67 at FTDNA, and I now have the SNP pack for I-M253 pending results. The only testing I loaded into GEDMatch comes from Ancestry. I have also tested at My Heritage, but those results are also still in processing. Any help I can be with regard to your inquiry into William and Matthew I would be happy to help. Both Jack and myself are in I-M253 . My email is Jim M., Lincolnton, North Carolina.
William McCauley
July 7, 2018 @ 7:55pm
Thank you, James. I replied to your email. -- kathy (sister of 342681)
Dennis Macauley
October 6 @ 4:40pm
Jim, I just completed a comparison of my test results, at least in terms of ethnicity, via MyHeritage, Ancestry, and FTDNA, and compared those to my "known" ethnicity based on my family tree. There were pretty wide differences, with MyHeritage being the least accurate vs. the calculation based on my family tree. I will send you a copy via your email address.
Brian McCauley Brian McCauley has a question!
September 17 @ 10:07pm
On the Y-DNA Classic chart, I and 4 others are listed under "Hgp R1b - OGAP 37". What does OGAP 37 stand for?
Jim McAuley
October 3 @ 9:01pm
Brian, The Oxford Genetic Atlas Project (OGAP) from 1995 to 2000 was an attempt to develop a correlation between 10 of the STR markers and family locations throughout the British Isles. The SNP test results (such as yours) provide much more specific results. In fact anyone who tests positive for the same SNP has a common ancestor sometime after the SNP first appeared. As more people do additional SNP testing (such as detailed SNP packs or the BIG-Y, I will resort the database sub-groups to place those who have close SNP results within their own sub-groups. Jim McAuley MacAulay Clan Surname Project admin