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About us

This project uses the standards of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation 2017, the most recent editions of FTDNA’s Terms, the Genetic Genealogy Standards, and ISOGG’s guidance for Project Administrators.

Anglicized forms of the project’s surnames include: Aulay, Auleth, Awla, Cauley, Caully, Cauly, Cawley, Cawly, Colley, Cooley, Gawley, Kauley, MacAla, MacAlla, Macameleth, MacAulay, MacAuley, Macauley, MacAuley, Macawlay, MacAwley, MacCall, MacCallie, MacCauley, MacCawley, MacColley, MacColly, MacCulley, MacGauley, Macgawley, MacGuire, MacKall, Mackalla, Mackaula, McKauley, MacKauley, Magawley, Magawly, Maguire, Makalley, Makcalla, Makcaulay, Makkalay, M'Ala,M'Alay, M'Auihlay, M'AuIla, M'Aule, M'Cala, M'Calley, M'Callie, M'Callow, M'Kalla, M'Kallay, McAulay, McAuley, M'Cauley, McAullay, McAuly, McAwla, McCall, McCalla, McCallay, McCalley, McCallie, McCally, McCaula, McCaulaw, McCaulay, McCauley, McCaully, McCauly, McCawley, McCawly, McColley, McColley, McColly, McCooley, McCowley, McCown, McCulley, McCully, McElyea, McGauley, McGauley, McGawley, McGuire, McKall, McKaula, Oliffe. 

Additional often related surnames are: Paterson, Patterson, MacPhedran, MacPhedron, and MacPheidran.