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25 May 2022  - At this date 62 Lumsdens/non Lumsdens have been tested and the results appear in this page.

At present it would now appear that the majority of Lumsdens are descended from one of three ancestors, who were not related to one another in the last 20,000 years. Further evidence is needed! Several members have extended their tests to 37 or more markers. This is now regarded as the standard test. This has re-enforced the findings that the members of Groups 2a and 2b are related.

FTDNA are carrying out free tests to more closely define the haplogroup distribution. The results of these are re-enforcing the existance of three haplogroups with independant ancestors. Watch out for your test. Most members have been tested to 25 markers, allowing a very good comparison of results, and 18 members have now been tested to 37 markers.

We urgently need more new particpants! Find out which of the three ancestors you are descended from!