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Lituania Propria

Lithuanian DNA
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About us

Lituania Propria project is for those who trace their roots from all the times Lithuania Proper and surrounding Baltic lands. For those who still live in either in neighbourhood of it, or at least remember their ancestral country of origin, no matter what language today use or the country live in. Also we are interested in people, whose names reflect the names of Baltic tribes, ethnographic groups or regions. Therefore we invite to join the project Lithuanians of Lithuania Minor, Latvians, Latgalians as well as descendants of Old Prussians, Nadruvians, Scalovians, Curonians, Semigalians, Selonians, Yatvingians, West and East Galindians or even those who feels representing Neuri. For descendants of Lithuanian nobility genetic genealogy testing may help to explain prehistory of the family, confirm family legends, complete black holes in the documentary genealogical research, disclose the relationship to other noble families. Attention: Due to the newly introduced privacy settings, many project members became invisible in project charts. Please check and update your privacy settings.