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International Lindsay Surname DNA Project

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About us

September 3, 2016; The Project leadership of the International Lindsay Surname DNA Project is recommending that as many Lindsay males as possible, from around the world, test for the high-resolution Y-111 STR marker test to permits the detail analysis that allows us to properly align the various Lindsay lineages found within our DNA Groupings.  If you wish to receive specific instructions as to how to order the Y-111 test as a member of the Lindsay DNA Project hosted by the FTDNA laboratory, send Ron Lindsay an e-mail requesting same by moving your cursor over the envelope beside my name in the Administrator column followed by a left click of the mouse.

June 15, 2015; As of this date, the testing laboratory, Family Tree DNA (FTDNA), based in Houston, Texas, is the only testing laboratory used by the International Lindsay Surname DNA Project for its Y-chromosome STR marker testing of males. It is also the primary site for deep ancestry/Y-chromosome SNP marker testing for males along with mitochondrial and autosomal DNA testing for males and females.