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International Lindsay Surname DNA Project

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About us

The International Lindsay Surname DNA Project commenced in June 2001 at the Lindsay International web site ( utilizing the testing of the Y-chromosome of the male.  Since that time, the convergence of genetics and genealogy has, without doubt, revolutionized the traditional tried and tested methods previously available to the family historian or the genetic genealogist.  While we are aware the Y-Chromosome DNA will not directly provide us with the names of any of our specific ancestors, it has demonstrated that it can establish, without any doubt, those Lindsay lineages that share a common paternal ancestor somewhere in the near term past.  This achievement has injected new life into previously stalled family history studies.

The testing laboratory, Family Tree DNA (FTDNA), based in Houston, Texas, is now the only testing laboratory used by the International Lindsay Surname DNA Project for its Y-chromosome STR marker testing of males.  It is also the primary site for deep ancestry/Y-chromosome SNP marker testing along with mitochondrial and autosomal DNA testing for males and females.

As of June 2015, this FTDNA web site has become the primary locale for the display new STR test results.  Past DNA testing, prior to June 2015, will continue to be displayed at the Lindsay International web site.  Legacy testers will not be forgotten but all are encourage to move with the herd into high resolution Y-111 STR testing.

As of July 2021, the Lindsay International Surname DNA Project is going strong with 412worldwide Y-chromosome DNA participants.  Approximately 383 L-number "codes" have been issued to those participants whose testing covers all the STR markers that the Project had settled on prior to moving to FTDNA.  These are included in FTDNA's Y-111 test but not on the lower resolution products.

The conclusions of this historic study continue to be published and updated at Lindsay International (  The 2018 modernization of the website into the Wordpress framework, and the consequent learning curve imposed on the Project Administer, made for some delay in porting all the legacy analyses.  We feel confident that this will all be taken care of by early 2019, so please bookmark us.