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International Lindsay Surname DNA Project

including all the recognized spellings of the surname
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About us

See the About Us NEWS section for the latest Lindsay Project announcements! The International Lindsay Surname DNA Project was created to provide a world-wide platform for the genetic testing of the Lindsays of the world for the primary purpose of establishing the Y-chromosome STR haplotype that defines each of the various Lindsay surname lineages that are known to share a proven common paternal ancestor dating from the present back to the time frame when surnames came into common practice. For DNA test purposes, an individual of the Lindsay surname is defined as any person, male or female, bearing at birth any one of the recognized spellings of the Lindsay surname. The Lindsay lineage haplotype will be determined by the primary use of Y-chromosome STR marker testing of Lindsay males. We will, as required, also use the following DNA testing techniques to compliment the primary STR marker testing. 1. Y-chromosome deep ancestry SNP testing – males only 2. autosomal marker testing – males and females 3. mitochondrial DNA testing – males and females Our key to achieving success in meeting the goals of the International Lindsay Surname DNA Project is to ensure the collaborative efforts of traditional genealogical research with the rapidly evolving field of genetics. The specific areas of support from the administrators and co-administrators are as follows. If you cannot find answers to your questions from the tool bar item entitled Resources/Learning Center, send an e-mail to the appropriate Project Administrator or Co-Administrator by moving your Internet cursor over the Administrator’s name in the left margin of the screen followed by a left click of the mouse. 1. Cyndi Rutledge - Project Owner/Administrator - Overall Lindsay DNA Project Coordination 2. Joe Lindsey - Administrator - Overall Lindsay DNA Project Coordination 3. Grant Lindsey – Lindsay DNA Group 1 4. Susan Grabek - Lindsay DNA Group 2 5. Cyndi Rutledge - Lindsay DNA Group 2 - Analytics 6. Steve Lindsay - Lindsay DNA Group 3 7. xxxxxxxxxx - Lindsay DNA Group 4 8. xxxxxxxxxx - Lindsay DNA Group 7 9. xxxxxxxxxx - Lindsay DNA Group 8 10. Evelyn Grevelle - Lindsay DNA Group 9 11. William Lindsey - Lindsay DNA Group 10 12. Steve Lindsay - Lindsay DNA group 11 13. Mel Lindsay - Lindsay DNA Group 12 14. Ira Lindsay - Lindsay DNA Group 12 - Analytics 15. Dean Lindsay - Lindsay DNA Group 18 16. Jane Lindsey - Family Finder (autosomal testing) 17. xxxxxxxxxx - mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) As can be seen, the Lindsay Project is seeking an experienced individual who will serve in a support role for mitochondrial DNA testing. If you are interested, email Joe Lindsey for further details. Last Updated: September 6, 2017 Important: Please change your Administrator Access Level to Limited or Full Access in order to assist with kit management and to better facilitate project research. The default level (Group only) makes it impossible to work with!