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About us

All Knox-surnamed men are eligible to be tested under the project, as are any men with similar surnames like Nock, Nokes, Knockes, etc.

We also seek participation from men who are known (or thought) to be 'biological Knoxes' but who carry entirely different surnames due to adoptions or other name-changing events.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Unfortunately, females don't carry any type of DNA that can be used for surname-tracing. Nonetheless, we strongly encourage membership by any female genealogists who can recruit male relatives for testing.

The project is managed by amateur researchers who have no financial interests in the work. Tests are contracted through a commercial firm, Family Tree DNA of Houston TX, and actual lab work is done by the University of Arizona's world-class DNA facility.

DNA tests for the project involve only two simple mouth swabs that are about like brushing the teeth -- only easier! (There are no blood tests, nor is there anything else that's the least bit uncomfortable.)

If you're ready now to order a kit for yourself or a Knox-surnamed male relative, please click on the "Request to Join" link at the upper left of this page. Or if you'd simply like more information, please email one of the Project Administrators.