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About us

The first goal is to discover the number of founding families with the Kip/Kipp surname. This rather unusual surname is found in low numbers throughout the world. All Kip/Kipp families are welcome to participate.

A second goal is to bring together descendants of Hendrick Henricksen Kip (1600 - abt 1665), who came to New Amsterdam about 1637. For many of the Kip/Kipp descendants of Hendrick linking back to the original 1630s ancestor may be achieved by finding common ancestry through DNA testing. Descendants of daughters of this Kip/Kipp family are welcomed to join as well and it would be appreciated if you would fill in your furtherest back ancestor in your Kip/Kipp line.

A third goal has now been established in that we have matched at 37 markers with two members at 35/37 matches. As more descendants of this Kip(p) family test it will be interesting to try to separate out the three son's lines and make it easier for people to trace back in their line. The differences noted at 37 markers in the CDYa/CDYb results may have occurred at any time between Hendrick Hendricksen Kype and the present.