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2/1/2009 - The vast majority of Jewish men under the major E branch of the Y chromosome tree fall into the very large E1b1b (former E3b) group. However, there is also a small cluster of Jewish men who are in the backbone haplogroup E, but not on the E1b1b branch. I am currently not aware of any Jewish E1b1a men, but they might exist as well. Although this project was originally named the Jewish E3b Project, we have always warmly welcomed all Jewish men in any branch of the E haplogroup. However, to make it official and make our E members feel more welcome, we are officially changing the name of this project. Going forward, this will be the Jewish E Project. These webpages are being updated first, and the website address and project name that you see on your MyFTDNA page will soon follow.

10/1/2007 - Project administrator is now Elise Friedman. Thanks to Richard for all his hard work in starting and managing this project over the past year. We look forward to Richard's contributions as a continuing member of the project!

- Project launched by Richard Toviah.